Anti-Aging Formula

You may not be able to control air pollution, industrial waste, toxic byproducts, radiation or other cell killers, but a healthy diet, regular exercise and the right supplements could increase your chances of leading a vibrant and dynamic life. With your optimal health in mind, TheraCeuticals International has significantly improved its ACF 223 formula to bring you the very latest in antioxidant protection. Now you get the concentrated power of these potent antioxidants in every capsule:

  • Nicoplex™—a patented combination of the super-antioxidants nicotinamide, zinc, beta-carotene and copper
  • MultiMins™—a natural, hydroponically grown plant source of several essential minerals
  • C-Med-100® a proprietary extract of cat’s claw, the Peruvian botanical that bolsters the body’s defenses
  • Tocotrienols—nutrients related to vitamin E and extracted from palm oil, which has been shown to possess both antioxidant and defense-enhancing actions
  • CoQ10—the central coenzyme used by the body for efficient energy production
  • L-carnitine fumarate—an active form of the vital amino acid that nourishes the “powerhouses” in each cell

1 bottle (60 capsules)  -  Retail $27.00

2 bottles (2 months)  -  Retail $52.00

4 bottles (4 months)  -  Retail $99.00

6 bottles (6 months)  -  Retail $147.00



**Info provided by Dr. Sam Speron
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