Chicago Ear Surgery Information

Chicago Ear Surgery

Besides protruding ears, there are a variety of other ear problems that can be helped with otoplasty surgery. These include: "lop ear," when the tip seems to fold down and forward; "cupped ear," which is usually a very small ear; and "shell ear," when the curve in the outer rim, as well as the natural folds and creases, are missing. Chicago Otoplasty surgery can also improve large or stretched earlobes, or lobes with large creases and wrinkles. Surgeons can even build new ears for those who were born without them or who lost them through injury.

Sometimes, however, the correction can leave a scar that's worse than the original problem. Ask your surgeon about the effectiveness of surgery for your specific case.

More natural-looking ears with Chicago Ear Surgery

Most patients, young and old alike, are thrilled with the results of Chicago Ear Surgery. But keep in mind, the goal is improvement, not perfection. Don't expect both ears to match perfectly-perfect symmetry is both unlikely and unnatural in ears. If you've discussed the procedure and your expectations with the ear surgeon before the operation, chances are, you'll be quite pleased with the result.

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