Am I a good candidate for skin resurfacing?

You may be a good candidate for skin resurfacing if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Wrinkled or sun-damaged facial skin

  • Vertical wrinkles around your mouth, such as those that cause lipstick "bleed"

  • Crow's feet lines around your eyes and perhaps some skin laxity in your lower eyelid area

  • Fine wrinkling of your upper eyelids

  • Brown spots or blotchy skin coloring

  • Certain precancerous skin growths

  • Acne or chicken pox scars

  • Superficial facial scars from a past injury

Patients may have their skin resurfaced at almost any age. You may have certain characteristics that make you a better candidate for one technique rather than another, or your surgeon may have a preference based on his or her personal experience with the different methods.

The amount of time you can allow for recovery also may be an important factor in selecting a particular resurfacing method or determining the extent of treatment. All skin resurfacing techniques can be performed to varying depths.

A more superficial treatment will require less healing time, but you may need to have the procedure repeated more than once to achieve the same results as a deeper treatment. If you are having aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, you may be able to have a skin resurfacing procedure performed at the same time.

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