Ayurvedic Herbal Formula for Balancing Blood Sugar

If you have blood sugar problems, it’s time for Gero Vita’s AntiBetic Pancreas Tonic.  The name has recently been changed to Glucovita.  Among its patented combination of 10 herbal nutrients—derived from centuries-old Indian Ayurvedic medicine—are Gymnema sylvestre, Cinnamomum tamala, Momordica charantia and Aegle marmelose. Studies have revealed that these remarkable extracts work together to 1) revitalize the pancreas, 2) support insulin production and 3) balance blood sugar levels. This all-natural formula offers you the chance of a lifetime. Avoid one of today’s fastest-growing health problems with AntiBetic Pancreas Tonic—the triple-action blood sugar breakthrough!





   1 bottle (180 capsules)  -  Retail $37.00

2 bottles (2 months)  -  Retail $72.00

 4 bottles (4 months)  -  Retail $137.00

 6 bottles (6 months)  -  Retail $207.00