BioMedic Skin Care Products


BioMedic has been leading the way for the past decade in state-of-the-art therapeutic skin care treatments and products. BioMedic provides a complete line of home-use skin care products that have been clinically tested. These BioMedic products are used with both the Power PeelŽ and the MicroPeelŽ systems to help maintain the positive results achieved. BioMedic specializes in non-prescription skin care and clinical procedure products designed specifically for use by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.


What are the benefits of the BioMedic Skin Care Program?

Not only does BioMedic improve skin clarity and texture, BioMedic  also evens skin tone and color. In many cases it eliminates the need for cosmetic foundation. It could even be used as a preventive medicine as this treatment may reduce precancerous lesions.

 Who can benefit from the BioMedic Program?

Whether your skin is damaged from environmental factors, hyperpigmented, acne prone or hypersensitive, BioMedic has a special program for your specific skin condition. This program is not recommended for the treatment of wrinkles.

What makes BioMedic skin care clinically superior?

BioMedic has had many years of experience with thousands of patients to find an effective way to care for your skin. There is an extensive network of BioMedic associate practitioners. Each has been taught to care for your skin with methods that are technically superior and consistently acclaimed

How do I get started?

First and foremost, you will need to determine your particular skin type based on the BioMedic Skin Classification System. Skin classification includes the following types:

  • Environmentally Damaged

  • Hyperpigmented

  • Hypersensitive

  • Acne Prone

  • Active Acne

  • Sun Exposed

The BioMedic products are specially formulated for each particular skin type. You will be given specific instructions for your BioMedic Home Treatment Program based on your results. The products are simple, easy to use, and very affordable. The products can be used alone or in conjunction with the BioMedic skin treatment known as the MicroPeelŽ.

What is the BioMedic MicroPeelŽ?

The MicroPeelŽ is a three-step process that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin. The top layer is a significant obstruction to having better skin because it is pore-clogged. The procedure is safe, effective and is accomplished in 15-20 minutes.

Step One
The first step is a five minute, physical or enzymatic exfoliation of the skin. This frees the skin of dead cellular layers and protein. And by reducing the top layer of the skin, it also lessens the appearance of fine lines and brown spots. A change in skin texture can be felt right away by brushing your hand across you cheek.

Step Two (Optional)
In the second step, a 15-30 percent Alpha Hydroxy Acid solution is applied. It will stay on the skin for at least 15 seconds, but no more than 2 minutes. A slight stinging sensation may be felt, but it is only momentary and quite normal. This part of the MicroPeelŽ helps to reduce acne-related conditions by freeing impacted debris from the pores. This step is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Step Three
The third and final step of the MicroPeelŽ is a skin freezing process called Cryogenic Therapy. Carbon dioxide is applied to the face in light, circular motions. Immediately the coolness causes an anti-flammatory response. Pores look smaller. Sun damaged cells are cast off. Oil and blackheads are unblocked. The surface of the skin becomes smoother.

How will I look after the first BioMedic treatment?

Unlike a facial, most people will notice a change in the skin right away. You can apply your makeup immediately following the procedure.

Can this type of BioMedic treatment be bad for my skin?

If you are pregnant, lactating, taking Accutane or have a chronic history of cold sores, we do not recommend this treatment. You should also be aware that since any exfoliation increases photosensitivity to the sun, you must use sun protection. You must also sign an informed consent before you begin the skin care program.

Can I use BioMedic without having a MicroPeelŽ?


Absolutely! Keep in mind that it will take longer to see results and the effects may be less dramatic.

Please call our Chicago Plastic Surgeon for a skin consultation and Biomedic La Roche Posay Skin Care Product Recommendations.

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