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Dr Sam Speron has always been partial to kids.  Having 3 wonderful children of his own, he understands what parents want.  His unique ability to tell a story through actual photographs will amaze your child.  The essence and clarity of the photos will stimulate your child in ways you will not believe.  These real pictures will help capture and cultivate your child's imagination in such a distinctive way that you or they will not only relate to the characters, they will also want to interact with them.

Dr Sam Speron believes that developing early reading habits is a crucial element in a child’s development.  Also, the repetition and frequency of what is read matters.  Have you ever wondered why children choose the same books over and over again?  Many studies suggest that the repetition of those early readings have a significant impact on the way the brain develops - in effect hardwiring the brain for better learning later on in life. 

Remember, reading to a child and choosing the right books for early learners can be two of the most important tasks that an adult can make!

Choose any format you would like - regular print book (best choice), coloring book or ebook!