Plant Extracts for Balancing Cholesterol


If you thought cholesterol was harmful just to your heart, then you’re aware of only half of the problem. New studies are showing that high cholesterol is also dangerous to your brain because it robs your neurons of the oxygen they need to function properly. But now you can help your body fight the "double whammy" of high cholesterol with a revolutionary new combination of some of the most innovative nutrients ever studied by science. Cholester-Health is a precise capsule formula that features three potent ingredients to support healthy cholesterol levels. Policosanol is a natural energizer derived from wheat germ and sugar cane and is making a name for itself in medical research circles. Niacinamide is a special form of a rare B vitamin that cannot be obtained from food sources; it promotes healthy cholesterol without the excess facial flushing or skin-prickling sensations that can occur with other forms of niacin. Finally, coenzyme Q10 is one of the most essential enzymes used to produce energy and sustain blood flow in the heart. Cholester-Health—because there’s more at stake than just your heart health.

New Insights Into the Physical Structure of Cholesterol

At first, doctors were concerned only about the “total” amount of cholesterol measured in their patients’ blood. But, about 25 years ago, the critical importance of cholesterol’s two subtypes (HDL and LDL) was discovered. HDL’s beneficial role is to latch on to cholesterol floating in the bloodstream and ferry it back to the liver for disposal.

For two distinct reasons, LDL poses a threat to blood vessels. First, it can stick to artery walls. Second, LDL can pass through the thin layer of cells that lines the artery walls. Once LDL is firmly lodged in the lining, the body’s defense system mounts a response by sending a battalion of immune cells to wipe out this invasive substance. As the conflict escalates within arteries, fatty streaks can become inflamed and harden into artery-clogging plaque.

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