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Chicago plastic surgery, Chicago cosmetic surgery, Chicago breast augmentation, Chicago tummy tuck, Chicago plastic surgeon, Chicago cosmetic surgeon

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Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatments - "traditional facials"

Deep pore cleansing facials are most commonly known as “traditional facials” because they include cleansing, steam, extractions, facial massage and facial masks.  This treatment is beneficial because it targets specific problems, such as breakouts, dehydration, fine lines and many other skin problems.  After this treatment, your skin will be glowing and clean.  This facial treatment is best for anyone with imperfect skin.

Deep pore facials are beneficial in facial rejuvenation.  Your Aesthetician will help to nourish your skin by stimulating blood circulation.  Blood helps to stimulate oxygen to flow and remove toxins by ridding the skin of impurities.  Your muscle fibers will be strengthened, toned and tightened by facial massage techniques.  This technique helps to slow the aging process and minimize signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Deep pore facial treatments are tailored to each client’s need.  There are a variety of skin care conditions and needs and certain products benefit different skin conditions.  Facial cleansing begins with either a facial scrub, gentle cleanser that contains AHAs, BHAs or a mild facial exfoliant.  Once the skin is cleansed, the Aesthetician begins the exfoliation process.  Exfoliation products include Enzymes, which are natural fruit extracts to dissolve the top layer of skin cells.  Enzymes which are most common in facial exfoliation are activated by steam.  Steam helps to open the pores and relax the client as well.  Most enzymes are professional products only and cannot be sold or obtained by the general public.

Once the skin is exfoliated and the pores are open, your Aesthetician will begin Extractions.  Extractions help to squeeze the blackheads and whiteheads from the pores.  Once completed, your Aesthetician will help calm the skin.  The facial massage is performed at this time. 

To complete the facial service, your Aesthetician will apply a facial mask.  Facial masks come in many different varieties and specify in different skin care concerns.  Depending on the skin’s condition after a facial massage, your Aesthetician will tailor a mask for your skin type.  The mask remains on the skin for approximately 10 minutes and is removed with a warm towel.  Masks help to tighten the pores and draw any dirt and oil not extracted to the skin’s surface where it will be sloughed off when cleansed with a towel. 

Moisturizer and/or sun block is applied to complete the facial.  Moisturizer is important to protect the skin’s freshly exfoliated surface from dirt to enter the skin.  Moisturizer helps to prevent any moisture loss from within.  Sun block is applied because the top layer of skin has been gently removed and extra protection is important.

It is important to maintain this regimen every 6 - 8 weeks for optimal results.

Our Aestheticians recommend a few products specifically designed to help keep your pores clean between facials:

Facial Exfoliant:  This product is meant to exfoliate and help shed the top layer of skin cells.  We use different vitamins, hydroquinone and crystals to stimulate the skin while helping to decrease clogged pores.

Pore Cleansing Mask:  Using a mask once a week is important skin care maintenance for keeping the pores cleansed.  Clarifying masks help to draw dirt and oil from the pore, helping to minimize the amount of comedones.  When using masks on a regular basis, you will eventually notice the pore size being eliminated.

Pore Eliminator:  This product helps to decrease the appearance of enlarged pores.  This product helps to keep the T-Zone smooth and decrease the shiny appearance.  It is suggested that it is best used under makeup.

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