December 4, 2002

Dear Friend,


Welcome to the fourth issue of my ezine.  It is amazing how many more people keep signing up.  Keep telling all your friends and neighbors!  It’s free and a fun way to learn about plastic surgery.  I am utterly overwhelmed by the tremendous number of questions I have received.  I will pick out a few that I think are interesting and let you see how I answered them.  I again thank everyone for their interest and ideas.  Keep emailing your questions…


Our first question is from S_:


Email Question - Is there anything that can be done to help minimize my stretch marks?  I would be interested in information you are able to provide.


Email Answer - The only way to permanently get rid of stretch marks is to cut them out (eg. if they are in your abdomen, cut them out with a tummy tuck).  If the stretch marks are active (ie. red and firm), laser can help get rid of the redness - which makes them look a lot better and a lot less noticeable.  If they are mature (ie. white), the NdYag laser can help build some collagen and make them look 10-30% better - it does not get rid of them!  Remember, a stretch mark is a tear in the dermis (the strongest and thickest layer of skin).  Once that happens, they are permanent.  Do not be fooled by the many claims out there at salons and doctor’s offices that we can permanently and completely get rid of stretch marks without body lifting surgery.  For a better understanding of body lifting as well as a ton of pictures, check out our web site at


Our next question is from KI:


Email Question – I am wondering if this homeapathic called Sinecch is the SAME as Arnica Montana? I take the 6X. I will be having botox in November and will use it for that, as I bruise very easily and end up with a smooth forehead, but several bruises on it. Thanks for providing this site to ask questions.


Email Answer - Sinecch does contain arnica in it.  The dose is much different, though.  Sinecch contains a much stronger dose of Arnica, especially for the first day.  It is a 3 day package, which is all you really need.  Feel free to check out the rhinoplasty and facelift pictures on my web site at  You will be very impressed with the minimal bruising and swelling after these procedures, especially the pictures one day after surgery.  If you do bruise that easily, I would recommend the Sinecch, which we give to all our cosmetic patients. 

Remember, no other plastic surgeon I know has ever had an ezine.  They don't know how to tell others about what they do, what they should ask other surgeons etc.  Some have a boring stuffy newsletter that is preprinted and they just add their name or something.  This is not like that!  You will not find useless stuff intended to get you to come in and see me and spend money in my office.  Just help.  Information.  Remember, knowledge is power. 


By the way, Happy Holidays.  Eat all the food you want.  I hope you open a whole bunch of presents…


Email me – ask whatever you want.  You are the ones that will help make this ezine fun and exciting.  What do you want to know??  Ask anything!  Ask away…


Best regards,


Dr. Sam Speron

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


P.S.  I want everyone to remember I’m doing this for you.  I want everyone to become a well-informed consumer.  But, I also want it to be easy and fun to read.  I want you to look forward to getting it.  Email me.  What’s boring?  What’s exciting to you?  Let me know.  You are the heart and soul of this newsletter.  Are we still having fun??