Health and Beauty

Beauty is the definition of healthy.  Some people are naturally beautiful and others have to work hard to maintaining beauty.  Others claim that beauty comes from within.  Being thin is the definition of being beautiful.  Some people are thin no matter what they eat whether it is healthy or not.  Other people have to work hard by diet and exercise to be thin and, in turn, be “beautiful”. 

The Media has put health and beauty to the forefront by displaying thin and beautiful people on every TV show, Movie, Magazine and everywhere else you turn.  By viewing thin and beautiful people everywhere you look makes the world self-conscious about their appearance.  We also view people in the eye of the world as happy, so we think that once we are thin or once we look the way we want, we will be happy.  This is where health and beauty comes from within because no one will ever be happy if they don’t like themselves.  There are ways to overcome this unhappy feeling about you and the way you appear to others.  Most people do not see themselves as others see them and this has become a tragedy.

Health and beauty comes by caring for you skin and your body.  This is one way to feel beautiful about yourself.  When you take a luxurious bath or get a massage, you feel good.  Your body releases feel-good endorphins to lift your spirit and improve your mood.  Applying a weekly facial mask helps improve your skin tone and draw the impurities to the skin’s surface, so your skin has a temporary glow.  Soaking your feet in a bath and massaging or scrubbing off the dead skin gives you energy and your feet look and feel better.  Health and beauty can be a really simple thing.

These little self-indulgences help you to care for your skin and your body in small ways.  Over time, you will notice that you feel better about yourself because you are pampering yourself and giving yourself a small amount of time each day or once a week to forget everything around you and focus solely on yourself.  This is one definition of health and beauty because when your skin and body feels good, you feel good about yourself. 

Some women choose to get pampered at a Spa.  Health and beauty surround the spa atmosphere because it gives you time to take away from your busy life to relax, breathe, and focus on yourself for 30 – 60 minutes.  The focus of a Day Spa is on Health and Beauty, for women and men who are looking to feel beautiful, if only for an hour.

acials are good for the health of your skin which makes you feel good about your appearance.  Massages are good for your body, improving circulation and stimulating endorphins so you feel good about yourself.  Manicures and Pedicures give you something to leave with, pretty fingers and/or toes.  Hair care gives you healthy, shining hair so your feel confident about yourself.  All these little self-indulgences are good for your health and beauty for each and every one of us.  With the stress that comes from home, family and work, an hour or even a day at the Spa is the best medicine for anyone who is looking to feel healthy and beautiful.  Regular spa-goers are known to be healthier people, because they take the time out of their busy lives to relax and recharge and relieve the stress that has built up.  People who regularly take time to care for themselves reflect the very definition of health and beauty.

Some medical spas are either incorporating or working with Nutritionists and some even offer meals in their facilities for clients who are there for the day.  By incorporating meals or a Nutritionist, these medical spas can offer clients who not only want to look and feel their best but also want to learn about how to eat healthier and use food to enhance their appearance and maintain a healthy weight.  Health and beauty come in the form of a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.  By learning to develop a healthy eating plan with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber and protein you will look and feel healthy and beautiful.

In the past five years there has been the rise and fall of Dr. Atkins (Atkins Diet) and Dr. Agatston (The South Beach Diet) as well as other less popular diet fads.  People have been dieting for years, losing weight but going back to their old habits and gaining the weight back, plus more.  As the younger generations age, who seem to be heavier all-over are becoming self-conscious and are in need for a change.  Nutritionists have become popular because they can help clients not to diet, but to make a lifestyle change with food.  A nutritionist can help you stay on track with healthy lifestyle program and their job is in the health and beauty industry. 

In 2005, the FDA approved a new Food Pyramid, offering more of a variety of foods, such as less protein, minimal carbohydrates in the whole grain form, and more fruits and vegetables.  Nutritionists are helping people with certain health conditions to minimize signs of illness and maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime.  Of course diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining normal weight and helping to feel good as well as improving one’s health and beauty. 

Nutritionists help tailor specific meal plans and offer tips and suggestions to staying on track with a new lifestyle program.  Nutritionists teach portion-control for meals and some suggest eating several small meals throughout the day.  This helps to prevent the body from starving and cause overeating at the next meal.  Your nutritionist will also build a relationship with you, helping you reach certain goals and achievements that would be difficult otherwise. 

Some Nutritionists suggest before beginning a new lifestyle eating program to give your body a Detox.  Health and beauty Detoxing treatments and regimens can get rid of the toxins your body has been holding on to for years.  Some people do a quick 1-3 day Detox, drinking liquid or fruit and vegetable shakes only.  Some Detox treatments can last from one month to several months consisting of specific dietary guidelines with a nutritional shake.  Anytime you cleanse or detox your body, it is best to do under the direction of a Physician to guide you and monitor your health and beauty during this period of time. 

Exercise should be an important part of our lives.  Health and beauty experts suggest that exercise not only helps to burn fat and keeps your body in shape, but there are also other health benefits to exercise.  Any exercise that stimulates your heart muscles to work harder helps keep the risk for Heart conditions low.  Exercise is also being studied for its effects for preventing and/or controlling Depression.  Women who are at higher risks for Breast Cancer are suggested to exercise a minimum of 3 times a week to keep their risk lower.  Health and beauty is enhanced when you regularly exercise and continue to burn calories and keep your body fat low.

With all the health and beauty benefits that exercise offers, it also plays a big part in the way you will feel.  When you look and feel good about your body, you begin to feel healthy and beautiful.  People who exercise several times a week are known to age slower, be happier and have good skin.  This “post-workout glow” is stimulated from Cardio, Weight training, Yoga and Pilates. 

Yoga and Pilates, the newest in health and beauty, are the newest workout fads.  These are not only suggested for their overall health benefits, but also because they work on smaller muscles to improve breathing, core stability and enhance posture and the way you carry yourself.  Some people find these types of exercises to be mindless and a waste of time, but newer studies are proving that small amounts of exercise are just as effective, if not more effective as Cardio and Weight training alone.  When we look at the stars in Hollywood, who are considered healthy and beautiful, almost all of them do regular sessions of Yoga or Pilates combined with Strength training and Cardio work to give them their “killer bodies.” 

Health and beauty can come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different ways to achieve “beauty”.  Beauty is the definition of Healthy and everyone is seeking ways to become healthy and remain healthy.  Beauty comes from within and when you don’t love yourself, no one will love you back.  Health and beauty is what every woman and men are striving to achieve in their daily lives.