Heart Nutrients Recommended by Leading Cardiologists

What do cardiologists use to promote heart health? They recommend giving your body some Heart Power. This new formula gives your cardiovascular system what it’s probably missing most: energy. Heart Power features three specific nutrients that promote energy in the heart. The first is alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that can help balance blood sugar to keep energy levels steady throughout the day. It even helps recycle vitamins critical for heart health! Heart Power also gives you acetyl-L-carnitine, the vital amino acid that boosts the heart’s energy supply. It works specifically within the body’s “powerhouse” cells (called mitochondria), keeping you running strong. Rounding out the formula is CoQ10, a targeted coenzyme that works to give your heart optimal energy levels. Give your heart a triple turbo-boost with Heart Power.



1 bottle (30 capsules)  - Retail $47.00

2 bottles (2 months)  -  Retail $92.00

4 bottles (4 months)  -  Retail $178.00

6 bottles (6 months)  -  Retail $267.00