Chicago Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the newest trend in removing unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal works because lasersí light energy thermally agitates the base of your hair follicle and destabilizes it without damaging the surface of your skin.  The Laser hair removal treatment is selective because it targets the hair and not the skin.  The surface of your skin is protected with a cooling agent, whether it is from a Cooling tip on the laser, to a cool gel applied on the skin to a Cooling machine that blows cold air towards the area to be treated. 

There are three stages of hair growth, catagen, anagen and telogen.  These are important to understand prior to beginning Laser hair removal treatments.  Hair growth in these stages can be affected by several factors, including age, ethnicity, weight, hormonal fluctuations, diet, and medications taken. 

  • During the Catagen stage, the hair is in a transitional stage and can last for 2-3 weeks.  Hair growth stops and the outer roots shrink & attach to the hairís root. 
  • During the Telogen stage, the hair is resting and can last a minimum of 100 days and the hair follicle is at rest.
  • During the Anagen stage, the hair is actively growing.  New hair is rapidly forming and grows approximately 1 cm every 28 days and remains in this stage for 30-45 days.

Laser hair removal is meant to destroy the hair in its growing or active phase (anagen phase).  During this phase, your hair contains an abundance of melanin (pigment that gives hair its color) and the follicle is targeted.  The laser is a concentrated beam, and the accuracy and effectiveness are higher in targeting specific areas for hair removal.  With several Laser hair removal treatments lasting, you can achieve permanent hair removal in a quick and painless treatment. 

Laser hair removal is meant for clients who understand the risks involved as well as the benefits to be gained from this treatment.  Anyone who bakes themselves at the beach or in a tanning bed is not a good candidate for Laser hair removal.  You may be submitting your skin to damage or side effects.  The laser can cause a reaction on the darker pigment and the dryness of your newly tanned skin.  This is the most important in pre and post laser care of your skin.  The newer lasers allow for darker skin to be treated, but we still recommend that you remain away from the beach and out of the tanning beds.  Darker skin, even though this skin type can be treated with the newer laser, still has higher risks.

When you begin the Chicago Laser hair removal process, your skin should be shaved 1-2 days prior to your Laser hair treatment.  Shaving the hair right before your next treatment ensures better results and the treatments will have more effective results.  We recommend that you let your hair grow out in between treatments, which can be 4-6 weeks apart.  By allowing the hair to continue to grow between Laser hair removal treatments, you will receive the maximum benefits from Laser hair removal.


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