Chicago Laser Hair Removal Information

There is a wide variety of information about Laser hair removal on the internet, some of it true and some of it false.  This is an informative page about Laser hair removal and our way to help clear up some common myths involved with Laser hair removal.  This way, you can achieve the best results and get the most benefit out of the Laser hair removal treatments you are about to begin.  We hope this Laser hair removal article helps you with all your questions.

Skin texture and hair color are the most important factors to consider when researching Laser hair removal treatments.  Laser hair removal works best on those with darker hair and lighter skin, but the newest technologies have been proven to treat lighter hair as well as dark-skinned clients.  Years ago, Electrolysis was the best method for permanent hair removal for women, ranging from facial hair to bikini hair.  For men, who used hair dye from wood for a permanent solution to back hair.  We must also remind you that the most important precaution to take prior to beginning Laser hair removal is to avoid tanning beds or even other methods of hair removal which can cause the treatments to be less effective (and even cause harm to you or your skin).  By coming to your Chicago Laser hair removal treatment with tanned skin, the Laser hair removal machine settings will have to be turned down, which will not give the best results.

There are a wide variety of Lasers, such as the ND Yag, Alexandrite, Ruby, and Diode.  There are also many different clinics that offer different Laser hair removal procedures.  We must remind you that there is always the risk of blistering or skin reddening, which is temporary.  The majority of clients benefit from Laser hair removal but there are a small percentage of clients in whom laser treatments can be harmful.  Lasers are promoted as permanent hair removal, but in truth, lasers prove to be only up to 90% permanent.  Hair that does continue to grow will usually be lighter and grows much slower than prior to getting Laser hair removal.  Clients always experience some form of hair re-growth, whether it be in a smaller area where the laser has treated or thinned hair.  Hair growth results in three cycles, which requires a series of Laser hair removal treatments as new hairs enter the growth cycle. 

A newer study has found that some aspects of your diet affect Laser hair removal treatmentís effectiveness.  Laser hair removal was dependent on your beta-carotene intake but independent on anything else in your diet.  Try to remember when getting Laser hair removal treatments to avoid food containing beta-carotene.  Beta-carotene can contribute to a reddish or yellow tint to the hair follicle which can cause the laser not to be attracted to the hair follicle. 

Unfortunately, Laser hair removal treatments can become quite costly and this is a factor to take into consideration.  These treatments can run you a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the area(s) to be treated.  Also, we recommend touch up treatments every 6 months to 1 year once the treatment package has been completed.

We hope that this article has provided the Laser hair removal information that you were looking for prior to beginning your Laser hair removal treatments.  No matter what clinic you go to for treatments, it is best that you are aware of the information needed for you to achieve the best results.  Good luck!


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