Chicago Laser Hair Removal Tips

This new laser treatment that you are about to become a part of begins before the first Laser hair removal treatment.  There are several steps you need to be aware of prior to beginning Laser Hair Removal, as well as following each treatment.  By being aware of these steps, you will achieve better Laser hair removal results, quick and permanent hair removal and successful treatments. 

First and foremost, you must avoid the sun during the course of Laser hair removal treatments.  Laser hair removal can cause skin reactions with undesirable side effects.  This is the most important precaution to remember.  If you do come to your appointment with tanned skin, this will cause your technician to turn down the strength of the laser pulse, which reduces the effectiveness of the Laser hair removal treatment.  If you do get a tan from either the sun or a sunless tanning booth, we recommend you wait a few weeks until the tan begins to fade before getting your next Laser hair removal treatment.

The opposite is true for darker-skinned clients.  For them, it is suggested they begin a skin-lightening cream, such as Hydroquinone, to help lighten the skin on the area to be treated with the laser.  This should be done within 2 - 4 weeks prior to beginning Laser hair removal.  When using Hydroquinone, you must be under the supervision of a physician due to the potency of the bleaching agents and the strength.  Most of the time, Hydroquinone can only be obtained by prescription.

Another option to keep in mind is the Laser hair removal treatment is more effective when the hair is shorter.  We recommend shaving the area to be treated a couple days before the Laser hair removal treatment to accelerate the effect of the laser.  It is always best to consult with your physician prior to beginning Laser hair removal treatments.  It is also best to consult with your Laser hair removal physician if you suffer from any skin conditions, rashes, acne or genital sores because you may be prescribed medication prior to beginning laser treatments.  If you do have a condition that requires medication, we recommend that you continue with the medication until it is complete.  This is especially important when certain areas are treated with Laser hair removal, such as the lip, chin and bikini areas.

The newest studies suggest that diets high in Beta-carotene (found in carrots and squash) can produce a slight orange or yellow coloring to the skinís surface.  Unfortunately, the skinís pigment can absorb the energy from the laser.  The skin will absorb the energy of the laser which prevents the laser energy from reaching the hair follicle.  For best Laser hair removal results, it is best if you refrain from consuming beta-carotene during the series of treatments.

These tips are good to keep in mind for the best Laser hair removal results and a boost of self confidence once the treatments are complete.


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