Newest Longevity Anti-Aging Approach

The Longevity Caps formula works to disrupt the major causes of premature aging: cellular damage and glitches in the body’s internal defense system, your main ally against illness and disease. This formula features bovine colostrum, lactoferrin and beta glucan—nature’s alternatives for boosting the body’s defense system. Also included are C-Med-100®, a highly concentrated form of the cat’s claw herb that facilitates the repair of damaged cells, and gabatein, a “super” green tea extract rich in indispensable phytochemicals. Longevity Caps is the all-around longevity supplement for the 21st century and beyond!


1 bottle (60 capsules)  -  Retail $27.00

2 bottles (2 months)  -  Retail $52.00

4 bottles (4 months)  -  Retail $99.00

6 bottles (6 months)  -  Retail $147.00