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Sports Massage is a special massage used before, during and after athletic events. Its purpose is to prepare the athlete or sports enthusiast for peak performance, drain fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility, and prevent injuries.

What is the purpose of Sports Massage?

To help alleviate stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues during strenuous activities.  Due to overexertion and overuse, minor injuries and lesions can occur and this massage technique breaks this down quickly and effectively.  Sports massage helps prevent injuries that get in the way of peak performance and achievement. 

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage reduces heart rate and blood pressure and increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow.  This is beneficial because every athlete uses their muscle groups in different ways.  Sports massage can also be helpful in pre and post-event as well as maintenance to enhance greater athletic endurance and performance, lessen chances of injury and reduce recover time. 

Who is not eligible for a Sports Massage?

There are times when a Sports Massage can be more harmful to your body then beneficial. These include:

  • Body temperature over 100°F or feeling ill

  • Acute Traumas - open wounds, bruising, muscle tears, sprained ligaments, contusions, chilblains and burns

  • Tumors - areas that are swollen, which is inconsistent with recent bruising

  • Diseased blood vessels - varicose veins, phlebitis and thrombosis

  • Cancer

  • Melanoma

  • Haemophilia

  • Infections skin diseases - bacterial infection, lymphangitis, fungal infection, viral infections and herpes

  • Areas that can react to massage

  • Diabetes

What are the different massage techniques for Sports Massage?

Effleurage is a variety of stroking movements, which may be used for varying pressure according to the purpose and stage reached.  This technique is used at the start of every massage.

Petrissage is kneading on deeper tissues, which is used to mobilize fluids, stretch muscle fibers and induce relaxation.  This technique is focused on deeper tissues and may not be effective on narrow areas of the limbs.

Friction may be used for deeper and more painful movements aimed at breaking down lesions, separating muscle fibers or breaking down extra scar tissue.  The client must be warned before this technique is performed, due to pain and discomfort they will feel.  This is a brief discomfort, but very effective.  If used to long, may cause inflammation and irritation.

How often can I have a Sports Massage?

 As often as you like, as long as you are not suffering from any of the conditions listed.  If you have any doubts, consult your therapist.  Some people find a weekly massage helps control stress levels, while some find every few weeks the most beneficial.

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 “I participate in several triathlons and marathons throughout the year and getting regular massages really helps me perform at my best!” – K.E., Glencoe, IL

 “Being a past athlete, these massages helped me stay injury free for years.” – S.S., Oakbrook, IL

 “I had several injuries from overworking out and pushing my body too hard, once I started getting Sports massages, my injuries went away!” – M.N., Burr Ridge, IL


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