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M.D. Forte products are a comprehensive alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) skin care system. Only MD Forte products offer the scientific advantage of combining glycolic acid (an AHA naturally found in sugar cane) with the process of partial neutralization. An MD Forte product has significantly higher concentrations than similar products of glycolic acid plus a pH closer to that of normal skin to help minimize irritation.

What is the result of using M.D. Forte alpha-hydroxy acid products on your skin?

AHAs shed, or exfoliate, dead cells of the dry outer layer of the epidermis, which results in the appearance of younger, healthier-looking skin.

AHAs also limit transepidermal water loss, thereby improving the skin's moisture-binding ability. Skin that retains more water becomes smoother and younger-looking, and diminishes the effects of sun damage.

What are the advantages of the M.D. Forte glycolic acid products?
Glycolic acid is naturally found in sugar cane and available in MD Forte products, is a particularly effective form of AHA. This is because its small molecular size means more active molecules of glycolic acid are available in a given concentration as compared with lactic acid and polyhydroxy acid (PHA). This results in more activity for faster delivery of unique benefits when and where they're needed most.

Does M.D. Forte glycolic product cause irritation?

Yes it does. While glycolic acid helps shed dead skin cells and hydrate the skin, it can also cause irritation. The higher the concentration of glycolic acid, the better the results are, however it also means the greater the irritation.

What is partial neutralization?
Partial neutralization is a process that MD Forte achieves a healthy balance between concentration and comfort, maximizing the advantages of glycolic acid with minimal irritation. Partial neutralization creates a reservoir of glycolic acid molecules that permits both first- and second-phase penetration. Because the glycolic acid is released over an extended period of time, higher concentrations of acid can be used to achieve maximum results. Importantly, partial neutralization also raises the product pH closer to the pH of normal skin, further reducing irritation potential to provide maximum efficacy, minimum irritation, and beautiful results.

 Can I still use an MD Forte product if I have sensitive skin/vulnerable skin?

Yes, several MD Forte Products are non-AHA products for more sensitive or vulnerable skin. So no matter what type of skin you have you will be able to enjoy maximum results with less irritation with a personalized regimen to cleanse, renew, hydrate, and protect your skin.

 Benefits of a MD Forte Product:

  • Visibly smoother and softer skin
  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin hydration for a softer feel
  • Balanced skin tone
  • Improvement in oily or acne-prone skin


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