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Chicago plastic surgery, Chicago cosmetic surgery, Chicago breast augmentation, Chicago tummy tuck, Chicago plastic surgeon, Chicago cosmetic surgeon

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Chicago Menís Facial Treatments - facials tailored especially for men's needs

Nowadays, men are becoming a large population of spa-goers.  Although skin care is the same for both women and men, menís skin has certain needs that women donít.  First and foremost, men shave their faces daily which causes their skin to be thicker.  Shaving can cause irritation, acne-like bumps on their faces, and ingrown hairs and their facial treatments need to be tailored to those specific needs.  Men also like simple, easy-to-do treatments and skin care products and do not do well with a large selection of skin care products.

Menís skin tends to be approximately 15% oilier and their pores tend to be larger than womenís.  Menís skin, primarily due to enlarged pores tends to get dirtier.  Cleansing your face twice a day is important to keep skin clean and healthy-looking and pores clear.  When looking for a facial cleanser, avoid deodorant soaps, which leave a film behind and may irritate your skin and clog your pores.  Gentle facial scrubs are also beneficial, avoiding harsh exfoliants and ingredients.  Scrubs should invigorate your skin, not damage and harm you.  Moisturizer, which most men avoid because of their increased oil production, is crucial.  Light moisturizers are best after cleansing and can be beneficial to your neck area, especially after shaving.

Men and Facial Treatments

Most men are dehydrated from the use of soaps and shampoos they use.  Men are more prone to poor

diets, such as consumption of coffee, sodas, alcohol, smoking and other habits to promote dehydration.  Menís facial treatments typically hydrate as well as deeply cleanse to balance oil. 

Treatments include products that are not fragranced and ďgirlyĒ.  Your Aesthetician will include products that promote hydration, tailor to anti-aging, and perform anti-bacterial properties.  When cases of razor burn or irritation occur, products to calm and soothe the skin are used. 

Basic cleansing is performed with every facial treatment.  This gentle exfoliation process using an Enzyme with steam will gently slough off the skinís surface.   Steam is included to open the pores for easier extractions.  The enzyme helps to control the skinís surface by gently exfoliating and helping to prevent ingrown hairs.  Facial massages are performed after the skin is calmed from extractions.  For men, facial masks may be mixed or used in conjunction with another mask on different areas of the face.  Men tend to be oilier in the forehead, nose and cheeks and drier in the chin and neck area due to harsh shaving products and shaving.  A deep pore mask is commonly used on the oilier areas where a calming, soothing mask may be used to sooth the shaven areas.

Moisturizer and sun block is also crucial especially because most men do not wear sun block daily.  Moisturizer helps to keep shaven skin hydrated and calm, as well as prevent the rest of the skin from losing oil and moisture.

It is important to maintain this regimen every 6 - 8 weeks for optimal results.

Our Aestheticians recommend three neaclear products specifically designed for men and menís special needs:

After Shave Gel:  Due to excessive exfoliation daily from a razor blade can cause irritation and redness.  This light gel is designed to soothe and calm skin post shaved skin and helps minimize razor burn and dry skin.  It also aids in healing minor cuts.

Aloe Vera Gel:  Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties and post-shaven skin is best known for its irritation and redness.  This product used over After Shave Gel helps to continue to calm and soothe the skin.  Aloe Vera helps to maintain the skinís natural balance and aids the function of skin cells.

Pore Cleansing Mask:  Clay masks help to tighten and tone the pores and the skinís surface.  Masks clarifying properties help to calm the skin and minimize redness.  This product is best used once a week to help maintain clear skin and cleansed pores.

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