III. Treatment of a mole - Laser or Surgery: Mole Removal - The ScarsMole Removal - Treatment Options

Most moles are usually harmless and safe to ignore.

Mole removal for cosmetic reasons is a simple procedure usually covered by insurance. After numbing the skin, mole removal is completed with scissors or a scalpel. The wound heals to leave a flat scar.

Complete destruction of a mole requires removing the full thickness of skin. The resulting scar is usually less noticeable than the mole was.

Moles sometimes grow annoying coarse hair, and it may be safely removed by shaving or plucking. Permanent removal of the hair, which has roots deep within the skin, requires laser hair removal or complete surgical excision of the mole.

Any mole that bleeds, itches, markedly changes color, has an unusual appearance, or changes in any way should be checked by your plastic surgeon immediately!


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