Neova Skin Care Products

Discover an anti-aging solution based on science. Neova Copper Peptide Therapy helps promote visibly healthier, younger looking skin. Studies have proven that copper is essential for collagen and elastin in the skin. It is also important for the tissue building processes. The Neova product line contains a complete array of products to allow for a comprehensive skin care regimen.


ProCyte Corporation is a publicly-held healthcare company that is committed to bringing innovation and experience to skin health and wound care market professionals through products that contain its patented GHK and AHK copper peptide technologies. ProCyte's copper peptide technologies utilize a sequence of amino acid carriers for health-essential copper. This unique delivery system mimics the body's natural copper transport mechanisms and has a variety of applications in skin health, tissue repair and hair care. ProCyte holds over 100 issued patents and patent registrations worldwide on its proprietary copper-based technology. ProCyte markets its products directly to plastic surgeons and dermatologists through its direct sales force and through distributors for the International markets. In addition, there are significant consumer market opportunities, which will be addressed primarily through license agreements with strong partners in each market segment. Current licensing agreements include partnerships with Neutrogena® (a Johnson and Johnson Company) for use in their Visibly FirmTM line of skin care products and American Crew (a division of The Colomer Group) for use in men’s salon, hair care line. Located in Redmond, Washington, the Company's scientific team continues its pursuit of new technology and excellence, quickly bringing new products to the marketplace that address healthcare and physician needs.

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Neova Peptide Skincare

Procyte Corporation has come up with a new patented technology for anti-aging skincare. It's Neova Copper Peptide Therapy, which utilizes the collagen and elastin promoting capabilities of copper to revive dull, lifeless skin, remedy fine lines and wrinkles, and restore moisture and firmness to the skin.

Oily Skin Care

Neova has come out with some new formulations made specifically for oily skin. Our favorite, the Neova Illuminating Mask is a silica-based mask that absorbs oil better than traditional clay-based masks without clogging pores. Used on a consistent basis, overall oiliness in the skin is reduced.

Sensitive Skin SkinCare

Neova's newest line of products is formulated with delicate and sensitive skin types in mind. With things like antioxidant-rich green tea and algae extract, sensitive skin feels calm and refreshed. 

Neova -- Copper and the Skin

As we age, our bodies become slower to produce collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's - the cement that bonds tissue components together). Scientific studies have demonstrated that copper plays a vital role in skin health; copper is a powerful collagen and elastin promoter and plays an antioxidative role in the body, it is important in the production of GAG's, and copper-dependant enzymes increase the benefits of natural tissue building processes. This means that skin will firm, smooth, and soften. Studies have shown that it does it in less time with Neova skincare than most other anti-aging therapies.

The Neova skin care Therapies

Neova His 'n Hers Kit - This kit contains something for both the "him" and the "her". Get a full size Neova After Shave Therapy and a full size Neova Night Therapy. Not only will you save a little money, but you will also have a great gift for yourself and your special someone.

Neova Antioxidant Therapy is a new intensive skin therapy from Neova. Contains extra strength GHK Copper Peptide Therapy and age-fighting antioxidants such as grape seed extract to promote healthy skin and protect it from free radicals. It is great for all skin types. Apply it before the Neova Day or Night Therapy for advanced anti-wrinkle power.

The Neova Night Therapy is an elegant, satiny copper-peptide creme. To be used at night, (other anti-aging therapies can be used in the day) this creme nourishes the skin with concentrated health-essential copper, the building block for collagen and elastin, while providing a potent antioxidant defense against free radicals.

The Neova Eye Therapy is a soothing moisturizing gel-serum enriched with copper peptide plus vitamins A & E to help protect from the damaging effects of the environment. Specially formulated to help tone and firm the delicate area surrounding the eyes.

The Neova After Shave Therapy is a soothing, Aloe Vera based aftershave. The combination of the GHK Copper Peptide and calming moisturizers will leave your skin refreshed and protected against elements throughout the day.

Neova C-Protection Creme contains a revolutionary formula that contains 10% L-ascorbic acid in a stable, water-free environment for maximum stability. The vitamin-C begins to act when Neova-C comes in contact with moisture in the skin for maximum effectiveness and optimal results. Do not mix with the Neova Copper formulas - the L-Ascorbic acid will deactivate the delivery vehicle in the copper peptide. Use in the morning and use the Neova Copper peptide formulations at night - or alternate them every other day.

The Neova Body Therapy is a light, non-greasy copper peptide lotion, enriched with vitamin E and squalane, is ideal for anyone concerned about minimizing the signs of aging on dry, highly exposed areas such as hands, arms, and decolletage. By helping to retain vital moisture, the lotion soothes and softens severely dry skin.

The Neova Cuticle Therapy is a rich, emollient, containing copper peptide, aloe, glycerin, vitamins, and botanical extracts, which helps heal and soften rough, ragged cuticles, leaving your hands rejuvenated.

The Neova Illuminating Mask is for oily skin only. This mask utilizes the ultra absorption capabilities of fumed silica to absorb five times its weight in oil. The mask absorbs oil deep within the pores while glycerin attracts and binds water to the skin. Within two weeks a significant reduction of skin oiliness will result. Try now at our special introductory price!

Neova Therapies for Sensitive Skin

The Neova Soothing Milk Cleanser is a light, non-greasy lotion cleanser that leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean without dryness. Completely removes makeup and debris, and unlike other cream cleansers, there is no greasy film left on the skin.

The Neova Calming Green Tea Serum Two powerful forms of green tea, rich in antioxidants, are blended with calming licorice root to visibly relieve signs of irritation and sensitivity. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that is also valued for its ability to calm sensitive skin. In addition this soothing formula blends extracts of kola, mate, and guarana to help reduce signs of sensitivity, irritation, and redness. This hydrating serum aids the skin's natural, protective barrier function while counteracting surface inflammation that leads to aging. Recommended for sensitive or visibly irritated skin, sunburned skin and acne-prone skin where redness is common.

The Neova Gentle Purifying Mask is an intensely soothing mask that gently purifies the skin. A blend of botanical oils moisturize while cleansing impurities from sensitive skin. Two forms of licorice are combined with green tea to calm irritated, sensitive skin. Sensitive and dry complexions are normalized; skin feels clean and smooth

 Why is Neova Copper Important for Healthy Skin?

Copper is an essential element to a number of physiologic processes in the human body, yet has not enjoyed the same degree of consumer understanding as iron and zinc. The presence of copper in living tissues has been known for more than 200 years. Early medicinal applications of copper were for treatment of painful joints and muscles using copper bracelets, or copper-containing ointments. Scientific studies have clearly defined a role for copper in the regulation of growth, development, and function of the human body.

Less than 1 mg of copper is available in the typical daily American diet. Through a complicated series of exchanges, copper finds its way into the blood system, bound primarily to ceruloplasmin. Copper is utilized by essentially every cell; resulting in the intracellular formation of copper-dependent enzymes including cytochrome c oxidase (energy production) and superoxide dismutase (antioxidation). Copper is also essential for other enzymes including lysyl oxidase (crosslinking of elastin and collagen) and dopamine beta hydroxylase (catecholamine formation). In the 1970's, scientists isolated a sequence of amino acids (glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine; GHK) in human serum that bound copper, and used that initial piece of information to build a peptide copper-based technology with implications in anti-aging and tissue repair processes.

Do not assume that all copper is the same. Recent studies have shown that copper salts and GHK peptide added separately did not stimulate collagen synthesis. ProCyte’s patented complexation of the GHK peptide to copper has been a dynamic breakthrough in copper therapeutics.

Through careful formulation and clinical guidance, ProCyte has been able to develop a number of innovative GHK Copper Peptide products to treat a wide range of conditions. ProCyte conducted and published a number of wound healing clinical studies showing the benefits of GHK-Cu (Iamin, Prezatide Copper Acetate). The activities of the compound were supported by research studies showing positive effects on collagen deposition, tensile strength, angiogenesis, and SOD activity. Published studies on hair growth using a different copper peptide compound demonstrated the positive influence of copper on hair follicle cycle regulation. More recent studies have demonstrated GHK copper’s positive impact in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Utilizing the knowledge that copper peptides provide an essential function relative to tissue repair and skin health, it is ProCyte's goal to provide the clinician with safe and effective products to enhance the healing outcome of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant procedures, leading to a more effective procedure and improved results. The GraftCyte System, Complex Cu3 and Iamin family of products incorporate both the science of copper peptides, and the known benefits of moist wound healing.

The Neova line of anti-aging products provides GHK Copper Peptide Complex in cosmetically elegant formulations for daily skin care.

ProCyte continues to explore new applications for copper peptide complexes bringing new innovation to physicians and consumers to help improve outcomes and quality of life.

Popular Neova Products:

Neova Antioxidant Therapy Serum is a moisturizing serum that contains Neova's patented GHK Copper Peptide Complex and a potent combination of antioxidants to promote healthy skin while protecting it against free radicals. With regular use, skin feels firmer and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished. It is ideal for all skin types.

Neova Eye Therapy  is a revolutionary eye treatment that combines a blend of botanical ingredients that relieve puffiness and provide antioxidant protection along with an extra boost of GHK Copper Peptide technology to fight the signs of aging and help restore skin's youthful texture. It is very light and penetrates quickly. The treatment will not weigh down the delicate skin around the eyes.

Neova Day Therapy SPF-20 with GHK Copper Peptide Complex nourishes the skin with health-essential copper. Helps to improve skin tone and texture and provides necessary everyday broad-spectrum protection against the suns damaging UV rays. Copper peptides work both as an antioxidant as well as helping stimulate fibroblast activity, resulting in collagen production. This helps rebuild those broken fibers that result in sagging wrinkling skin.

Neova Night Therapy is an elegant, satiny creme that penetrates deeply to protect the skin. Nourishes the skin with concentrated health-essential copper, the building block for collagen and elastin, while providing a potent antioxidant defense against free radicals. Immediately improves skin texture and appearance by restoring moisture to the skin.

Neova Therapy Crème De La Copper is an intensely moisturizing formula provides immediate relief to dry, aging skin. Neova® Therapy Creme De La Copper indulges aging skin with an innovative combination of powerful GHK Copper Peptide Complex technology, marine minerals, vitamins and bioflavonoids to nourish deep within the skin’s surface.

Neova Therapy Dual Action Lotion diminishes the appearance of fine lines while brightening the skin. Copper, anessential component for collagen and elastin production, provides a potent defense against environmental factors. With use, clinical studies have demonstrated a decrease in skin blotchiness and an increase in skin firmness and tone without irritation. Neova Therapy Dual Diminishes the appearance of fine lines while brightening the skin.

Neova Body Smoother gently polishes away dull, rough skin, revealing healthy-looking, moist cells under the skin´s surface.

Neova Foaming Cleanser gently removes makeup while thoroughly cleansing the skin. Formulated with soothing aloe vera and gentle cleansers, Neova® Foaming Cleanser leaves skin clean, soft and ready for other Neova® Therapy products. Gentle formulation can be used around eye area.

Neova Herbal Wash is a soap-free cleansing gel that gently removes impurities from the skin without stripping valuable moisture. Light, creamy lather leaves skin feeling clean and comfortable. Refreshing peppermint oil invigorates the senses.

Neova Microdermabrasion Scrub is an exfoliating scrub that helps polish away dead, flaky skin to reveal younger, brighter and healthier-looking skin. Ideal for use in-between office microdermabrasion machine peels and glycolic washes.

Neova Soothing Milk Cleanser is a gentle milky cleanser that removes dirt, oil, makeup and debris from the day without stripping vital moisture from sensitive skin. Glycerin and panthenol attract moisture to the skin while green tea and licorice soothe and calm. This cleanser is free of harsh surfactants that can easily irritate sensitive complexions. Skin feels comfortable after the cleansing process.

Neova Ti-Silc Sheer SPF 45 is a waterproof sunblock that provides protection from the suns harmful rays while moisturizing the skin. Ti-Silc contains safety coated micronized titanium dioxide which provides a physical block against UV radiation. Ti-Silc Sheer also contains vitamins A & E and Melanin as antioxidants

Neova Z-Silc Sunblock SPF 30 is a non-greasy sunblock offering broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s damaging rays. Z-Silc contains zinc oxide, which provides a physical block against UVA and UVB rays. Skin feels soft, smooth and is protected.

Neova Intensive Blemish Treatment ia a fast-drying invisible gel that helps to quickly and visibly clear break-outs. Salicylic acid helps clear pores while purifying tea tree, sage, thyme and eucalyptus purify the pores and fight bacteria. Breakouts appear to clear quickly without irritating side effects-usually within one to three days.


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