Painless Hair Removal in Chicago

Laser hair removal is rapidly increasing as the most popular quick & painless method to remove unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal offers immense benefits for people all over the world who are sick of unwanted body hair.  Electrolysis, Waxing and Tweezing are becoming a thing of the past as Laser hair removal becomes a more permanent treatment. 

Laser hair removal has succeeded over other permanent hair removal techniques because this makes sense to consumers in the total benefit it offers.  Laser hair removal has become a breakthrough for both women and men.  Laser hair removal has increased with the male clients in the past few years.  Men most commonly suffer from excessive back hair and ingrown facial hairs from constantly shaving.  The newer technologies are gaining popularity because of the unlimited treatments offered from time to money to speed to accuracy and especially with regards to quick and painless hair removal.

Laser hair removal has become a permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted hair.  The beauty of Laser hair removal versus Electrolysis is that the laser can cover a larger area of hair, instead of removing one hair at a time.  Laser hair removal has also proven to be less painful than Electrolysis because of the developing technologies to penetrate below the skinís surface and work at the level of the hair follicle.  Because of the range of area that can be covered, entire areas can be treated with each session, such as Full backs, bikini areas, whole faces, and underarms.  The effects are long-lasting and can be up to 90% permanent.

We have compared Laser hair removal to Electrolysis treatments.  Electrolysis is known for its tedious and very painful treatments, involved by inserting a needle into the hair follicle and by using an electrical charge, destroying the hair follicle, one hair at a time.  Because Electrolysis is a tedious treatment, the amount of time to remove hair from one small area can take years to achieve permanent hair loss.  The upside to Electrolysis is that hair removal is usually permanent. 

Lasers have become more effective in achieving permanent hair removal and can treat all skin and hair color.  Lasers have become effective because of the light energy beams that attack the hair follicle itself while leaving the surface of your skin unharmed.  The laser beam is highly concentrated, which gives Laser hair removal the advantage to treat only the hair follicle, leaving the surface of the skin unharmed.  Laser hair removal has become less invasive and clients are coming on their lunch breaks for treatments.  Laser hair removal is not only effective with each treatment, but the amount of time to be treated has also decreased.  Depending on the areas treated, Laser hair removal can take from 10 minutes to over an hour.  This is proven not only to be permanent, but quick and painless as well.