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Use sunblock!

It is important to mention sun block. All types of skin need to be treated. There is a tendency for people with darker skin to mistakenly believe that they are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. While it might be true that they get less skin cancer, there is still a significant percentage that do.  With more sun damage and exposure, the risk multiplies.  Of course, their increased pigmentation does not offer any protection for the accelerated aging effect the sun has on their skin. 

To make the point, check out the two pictures below:











The left picture is a 58 year old American Indian female who spent practically all of her time outdoors.  The right picture is a 72 year old Tibetian monk who spent practically all of his time indoors away from the sun.  I believe the pictures say it all!

Sun block is an essential part of an effective skin care regimen.

Don't forget about your lips. Wearing sunglasses also protects your eyes.  Both areas should not be forgotten.