IV. Squamous Cell Cancer Treatment: Skin Cancer - Squamous Cell Treatment

After a biopsy has been done and a squamous cell carcinoma is found by the pathologist, the tumor needs to be removed. Squamous cell carcinomas are not cured by doing a biopsy. The skin will often heal after a biopsy. This is because the skin grows over the cancer like a blanket - further surgery is required. Surgery always leaves a scar. There is no way to remove a squamous cell carcinoma without leaving a scar. Often the scar can be hidden in the skin folds. Squamous cell carcinomas are often much bigger under the skin then they appear on the surface. What one can see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg. That is why the hole left after removing a squamous cell cancer is often much larger than what can be seen before surgery.

The most important point about skin cancer is it needs to be completely removed. Many people have lost body parts because of these tumors and some people have lost their lives.

After the skin cancer is removed, the patient needs to be closely monitored. Even if the cancer is removed, there is a chance the cancer has all ready spread to other body areas. You need to see the doctor every three months for two years for a skin exam and then every six months for life.


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