23 Things To Do While Recovering From Your Surgery...(Meant to be amusing)



1.  Pick a foreign accent and talk in it all day.


2. Answer an ad on how to make BIG money at home.


3. Make a Halloween costume out of your bedsheets.


4. Learn the Morse code.


5. Practice to become the World’s Fastest Remote-Control User.


6 Enter a sweepstakes.


7. Mix up a unique facial mask from your lunch.


8. Practice your kissing technique on a pocket mirror.


9. Try to name the Seven Dwarfs.


10. Imagine what you’d say to customers if you ran a phone “romance” service.


11. Name the 50 states; now try their capitals.


12. Teach yourself to shuffle cards like a casino dealer.


13. Say the alphabet backward.


14. See how long you can go without blinking.


15. Write your family history in rhymed verse.


16. Call a disc jockey and ask how many CDs and tapes the station has.


17. Compose a “letter to the editor” on a topic that bothers you.


18. Plan how you’d spend the money if you won a lottery.


19. Draw happy faces on your toes.


20. Call a talk show and say you’re a space alien. See if anyone notices.


21. Paste together your own “wish book” from mail-order catalogs.


22. Make a list of 100 wild, exciting things to do when you're completely recovered.



**Info provided by Dr. Sam Speron
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