Easy Exercise Tips

How Can I Increase My Flexibility?

First, realize that you cannot just bounce around and force your muscles to become flexible.  Follow these tips to increase the flexibility in your muscles:

Warm up by walking or biking for five minutes or until you begin to feel warm and the muscles in your upper and lower body begin to feel loosened up.  While performing a flexibility exercise, hold your position for at least 30 seconds (and possibly up to a minute) to maximize the benefits of stretching a specific muscle.  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to ensure relaxation and promote maximum benefit.

How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Injury?

Consider having an exercise physiologist develop or review your exercise routine.  Always warm up for at least five minutes (or until your muscles feel warm).  Don't forget to increase the time and intensity of your exercise program gradually.  If you begin to feel pain during or after your exercise session, you may be overdoing it.

What Are The Advantages Of Weight Training?

Weight training increases muscle mass, which helps to burn calories.  Exercises that strengthen upper back muscles also improve posture, while strong abdominal muscles help support the lower back.  If your knees are not as stable as they have been in the past, exercises that develop the muscles in the front of the upper thigh may be just the medicine you need.

Consult with your doctor or exercise physiologist before beginning any weight-training program.  Improper lifting technique or lifting too much can lead to injury (and a temporary rise in blood pressure).

I Don't Have 30 Minutes Per Day. Any Suggestions?

Break your exercise sessions into two 15-minute programs or three 10-minute mini-sessions.