Results of Your Eyelid Surgery

Aesthetic double eyelid surgery has the effect of making you look more rested, refreshed and alert. Since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait at least several weeks to get an accurate picture of the results of your eyelid surgery. Incisions will fade over a number of months until they become barely visible.

How long will the results last?

The results of aesthetic double eyelid surgery are long-lasting, but they may be affected by your heredity and lifestyle factors.

Removal of fat from your eyelids, which is usually the cause of puffiness and bags, is permanent, and these conditions generally will not recur. The skin continues to age, however, and skin laxity along the fine wrinkling of the eyelid area may, at some point, return. Sometimes loss of tone in the forehead causes additional sagging of the eyebrows which mimics a recurrence of drooping upper eyelids. if this happens, correction may require a forehead lift or a secondary eyelid procedure.

Even though the aging process continues, patients are usually happy with their appearance for many years following double eyelid surgery. Some patients find that they want to make additional improvements at a later time.

Post Surgical Care

 After undergoing eye rejuvenation surgery, certain eye creams can help maintain the youthful appearance. Dr. Speron recommends neaclearplus Liquid Oxygen Anti-Aging Eye Cream to aid in the healing process of the eyelid.

neaclearplus Liquid Oxygen Anti-Aging Eye Cream:

  •  Uses the power of liquid oxygen to smooth surgical scars

  •  Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eye

  •  Restores a youthful look to the eyelids

  •  Maintains the results of eye rejuvenation surgery

  •  Nourishes delicate eyelids with Vitamins A, D, C & E and Aloe Vera


Maintaining a Relationship with Your Plastic Surgeon

You will return to your plastic surgeon's office for follow-up care at prescribed intervals, at which time your progress will be evaluated. Your surgeon will encourage you to schedule routine follow-up evaluations at the frequency recommended for your age group and the procedure performed.

Please remember that the relationship with your plastic surgeon does not end when you leave the operating room. If you have questions or concerns during your recovery, or need additional information at a later time, you should contact your surgeon.

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