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Birth Mark (vascular)

Birth Mark (mole)

Chicago mole removal shave no scarring

24-year-old female before, after 1 and after 2 laser hemangioma treatments. Patient was very happy with complete removal and no scarring.

Chicago mole removal shave no scarring

22-year-old male with left arm congenital pigmented nevus (CPN) that was to undergo serial excisions. Patient had the 1st stage serial excision (about 70% removal) and then was lost to follow up as he moved back to his home country. This took 15 minutes in the office under local anesthesia and the 2nd procedure would have removed the rest of the CPN. The patient would've been left with a scar the length of his birthmark but obviously a lot skinnier. The other option is to get an outpatient surgery with a tissue expander, expansion over the course of a few months, and then a 2nd outpatient surgical procedure to remove the birthmark all in one surgery. The second option obviously is more costly as it requires 2 outpatient surgical procedures vs 2 simpler procedures done in the office to yield the same result. There's also a cosmetic deformity or embarrassment as the tissue expander is expanded and this is often difficult for patients to hide under their shirts or explain.

Chicago mole removal shave no scarring

28 year-old male before and 2 years after removal of 3 chest hemangiomas with 2 laser treatments. These benign vascular tumors especially the bottom one was getting irritated and chronically bleeding and bothered him a lot. There has been no recurrence.

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