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Dr. Speron's Scar Tissue Patient Before & After Pictures


Scar Revision

32 year old before, 6 weeks after and 3 months after excision of old scar tissue. Note how much more narrow the scar is just by simply cutting it out and re-closing it

Scar Revision

32 year old before and 3 months after excision of old scar tissue. Note how the scar falls into the nasolabial folds (smile lines). This will be much more natural when she smiles and as she gets older.

Scar Revision

24-year-old Hispanic male before and 6 months after scar revision of a wide depressed lateral chin scar that bothered him. Usually inside PDS stitches are used to hold together the incision at multiple layers. The sutures absorb over 4 months to try to keep the scars as skinny as possible. Notice also that the scar is much shorter in length because short scar techniques are used to close it in on itself. This results in puckering initially but this settled pretty quickly, even in young skin.

Scar Revision

37 year-old female who had liposuction elsewhere of multiple body areas. Patient is showing 3 days after surgery when she was concerned about her incisions and came to see Dr. Speron for a consultation. After using the natural Scar Support Treatment for only 5 days, you can see the improvement of her incision healing.

Skin Resurfacing

48 year old female before and after 5 laser photofacial chronic acne scar removal sessions. This laser treatment is best at treating the redness which is active inflammation. Patient really did not have active acne at this time. You'll notice that the permanent white scars were not improved. You can do some wrinkle reduction laser treatments under these old white scars to build a little more collagen but once the scars are white, mature and flat, skin care products and laser treatments do not do much to them. She is a candidate for surgical scar revision and excision of these old white scars if she wants to make them skinnier but she did not wish to have surgery.

The Scars:

Anytime a human being gets cut (with surgery or trauma), scars heal the following way: Initially they are red, raised and hard. Within 6-12 months, they are flat, white and soft. Younger people ( <18 years old) have scars that might stay active or red for up to 2 years. Older people (>65 years old) have scars that might stay active or red for less than 3 months.

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