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Dr. Speron's Chicago Laser Hair Removal Patient Before & After Pictures


Laser Hair Removal

23 year old before and after 4 laser hair removal treatments to the armpits. Notice the dramatic improvement and over 95% reduction of hair follicles. This is a dramatic result. We have the latest laser hair removal technology that is virtually painless, fires 30 pulses per second and is the most effective technology available on the market today.

Laser Hair Removal

23-year-old Hispanic male transitioning to a female and wished to undergo laser hair removal. He had a lot of density of hair in his upper lip and underwent our laser hair removal package which includes 7 treatments. This is a great result. He did not want his moles affected and wanted to keep them. With our laser hair removal package, most people see 50 to 90% permanent reduction of hair.

Laser Hair Removal

68-year-old African-American female before and after 4 sessions of laser hair removal on her chin. She was advised not to keep shaving the area. You will notice she had a lot of white hairs and the newest laser hair technology can help with this too. It is important to note that laser hair removal is not 100%. 90% permanent reduction with black hairs and at least 50% with white hairs can be achieved. This patient also had a lot of scarring and can benefit from laser treatment for scars after she's done for laser hair removal. She was happy with her 4 sessions and did not want more treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

82 year old before and 9 months after a Chicago Laser Hair Removal session (6 treatments)

Laser Hair Removal

42 year old before and 1 year after Chicago Laser Hair Removal(5 treatments)

Chicago Laser Hair Removal Information

Dr. Speron has a tremendous amount of experience with Laser Hair Removal in Chicago. It is the laser procedure his office performs most commonly. He is able to offer all types of options to his patients:

  • we perform Laser Hair Removal on all the various hair colors.
  • we perform Laser Hair Removal on all skin types.
  • we offer the SynerCool - which blows cold air during your laser hair removal treatment and means no pain for you

Dr. Speron is one of the leading Laser Hair Removal surgeons in the Chicago area and offers a wealth of expertise with a wide range of both hair color and skin types.

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