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What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a pigmented lesion (one or multiple colors, amateur or professional).

How does IPL therapy work?

The IPL light is absorbed only by the pigment (or tattoo ink) in the skin. The pigment is broken up, "carried away" by the body and absorbed during the healing process. The areas further away from your heart take the longest to clear.

How many treatments are required?

Most aging spots, sunspots and flat moles can be removed with a single treatment. Repeat treatments may be required for certain birthmarks and moles (nevi) due to the depth of pigment. Amateur tattoos require an average of 3 to 5 treatments while professional tattoos require 5 or more. Dark tattoos need additional treatment.

What happens after treatment?

Immediately after treatment the area turns paler in color and swells slightly. This fades very quickly and there may be blistering or scab formation. Clearing begins and skin tones return to normal in 7 to 14 days. Makeup can be worn within seven days and sunscreen is recommended for six weeks following treatment.

Is it safe?

The IPL laser has been used successfully for years. The risk of scarring is less than 2%. Slight pigmentation changes may occur to the skin in the treated areas.

Are there treatment alternatives?

Yes, (e.g. liquid nitrogen to freeze/ burn the pigment off the top) but none are as effective and the risk of scarring is greater. In addition, they may not be feasible to diffuse extensive tattoos.

How much does it cost?

Charges are based upon the duration of time required for treatment and will depend on the number of pulses, treatments and the size of the area. Treatments start as low as $50.

*** This page is just for information only. We no longer offer tattoo removal. ***

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