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  • Optimize your antioxidant protection by eating 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and supplement with a high quality, high potency multivitamin/ antioxidant nutriceutical.
  • For maximum longevity, limit fats to 30% or less
  • Exercise at least 15 minutes daily to maintain the minimum yet significant longevity benefit to over all health. With exercise, more is better: try for one hour a day, five days a week (check with your physician first).
  • Look young, think young, and be young. "As a man thinketh, so shall ye be." True words - the mind-body connection is a powerful force in medicine, healing and longevity. Looking good will help you in feeling good.
  • Drive a large vehicle and always wear seat belts. Odds are 200% better of surviving a crash than in a subcompact
  • Find a physician who will be your partner in your personal anti-aging medical program.
  • Early detection and prevention is the cornerstone to longevity. Most cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and all heart disease is curable if caught at Stage I (the earliest possible detection stage of disease
  • Don't accept "You are just getting old" as an excuse for not feeling youthful and energetic. Fatigue, depression, slowed thought, truncal obesity, weakness, aches and pains are all treatable and reversible signs of aging that should alert you to a need for anti-aging medical intervention.
  • If you are over the age of 45, have your hormone levels checked by a physician at least once a year.
  • Maintain sexual performance and refuse to accept diminished function - this ability is an absolute indication of health and longevity.
  • Amazing things about the Human Body - What you should know about your body


When I first published The 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Letting Any Surgeon Touch You, I had no idea that it would be so popularly received. Since its publication, this brief guide has helped thousands like you to more safely navigate the world of cosmetic surgery. The 7 Questions have been updated and a bonus section, Applying the 7 Questions, has just been added. Be my guest to read, learn and share.