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Ezine 13 November 2003

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the 13th issue of my ezine. This is intended to be a free and a fun way to learn about plastic surgery. I am still overwhelmed by the tremendous number of questions I keep receiving. Once again, I picked out a few that I think are interesting and let you see how I answered them. I again thank everyone for their interest and ideas. Keep emailing your questions…
THANKS AGAIN– our Yahoo Store has far exceeded our expectations and we want to thank everyone for their support!
Our first question is from ER:
Email Question – I was wondering if it is safe to remove moles while pregnant. Thank you.
Email Answer – Moles can be removed with surgery, shaving, freezing, burning and laser. Yes they can be removed during pregnancy safely. I would only recommend removal during pregnancy if they are changing. They can be removed with surgery under local anesthesia without much worry. If your moles can be removed with laser, I would probably wait for safety reasons until after prgnancy.
Remember, if they are not changing, though, it is easier and probably safer to just wait until after your pregnancy. Check out our site for more information on moles as well as the patient pictures (removal by laser or surgery).
Thanks for your question.
Our next question is from IT:
Email Question – I am 34 years old with old acne scars. The scars are on my forehead and temple area. I have been getting Intense Pulse Light performed on my cheeks for Rosacea and this seems to be helping. I was told that Laser Resurfacing could help with the acne scars as well as the discoloration. Is there any other procedures that would benefit me? The scars are not very big and they seem depressed some. Thank you for any information you can provide.
Email Answer - It depends on your exam and depth of scars. Acne pick scars that are very deep should be excised surgically. You then get a flat small scar. Dermabrasion, deep peels and laser resurfacing are the best options for scars that are superficial to moderate depth. They have significantly more down time than the Intense Pulse Light (IPL or Fotofacial) you are getting now which has no down time. Collagen or fat injections are other options to help plump up the scar and make the depression less obvious. And last but not least, getting a facelift and midface lift makes it look a lot better because you are relifting everything. Again, you can do all of the above or one or two of them. It depends on how aggressive you want to be.
I hope the IPL Fotofacial treatments included the NdYag laser for building up collagen. That makes a big difference. We are about to get our 3rd new laser – which takes Fotofacial to the next level. This new Fotofacial (Syneron Fotofacial with radiofrequency) will work on class 3-4 wrinkles and scars, not just class 1-2 (like the current technology). This should help your scars even more.
Thanks for your question.
AGAIN, thank you all for your questions!
Thinking of visiting a plastic surgeon??
I think a great place for you to start is the 7 critical questions on our site at These are the things you should look for in your selection process. I think they will be helpful.
The ASPS site at will also give you a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area.
I am always available if you decide you would ever want a consultation with me. I frequently see patients from out of town and we try to make special provisions.
Remember, no other plastic surgeon I know has ever had an ezine. They don't know how to tell others about what they do, what they should ask other surgeons etc. Some have a boring stuffy newsletter that is preprinted and they just add their name or something. This is not like that! You will not find useless stuff intended to get you to come in and see me and spend money in my office. Just help. And meaningful information.
Remember, knowledge is power.
By the way, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and eat a lot of turkey. I hope you all have fun but stay healthy…
Email me – ask whatever you want. You are the ones that will help make this ezine fun and exciting. What do you want to know?? Ask anything! Ask away…
Best regards,
Dr. Sam Speron
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
P.S. I want everyone to remember I’m doing this for you. I want everyone to become a well-informed consumer. But, I also want it to be easy and fun to read. I want you to look forward to getting it. Email me. What’s boring? What’s exciting to you? Let me know. You are the heart and soul of this newsletter. Are we still having fun??