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Ezine 195 April 2019

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Skin Care Tip

Spring skin care

As warmer weather approaches, you might want to consider looking into adjusting your skin care routine. After a long and dry winter, skin patches on your skin are typically harder to get rid of. A great solution to this is exfoliating your skin after a warm bath. This leaves your skin feeling and looking fresher for the Spring sun. Secondly, as the days are longer and warmer and sunnier days are around the corner, don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays and damage. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day will also benefit your skin by keeping it hydrated and youthful during warmer temperatures.

Say goodbye winter with these tricks!

Anti-Aging Tip

The fruit that has it all: Cranberries

Cranberries are a great source for tackling the effects of aging. Cranberries are not only delicious additions to the holiday season, but are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber which may assist in wrinkles and fine lines. Cranberries also include antioxidants that fight against viruses and bacteria that attach to the body. In addition to this, cranberries have cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and immune support benefits. You may choose to consume this delicious treat through smoothies, roasting the cranberries, or salsa.

Treat your body from the inside out with consuming more cranberries!

Plastic Surgery Tip

Other uses for Botox

You may know of the popular cosmetic uses of Botox such as treating wrinkles and fine lines. However, Botox is also used by many to treat health conditions too. Botox assists in relaxing the muscles on your face, therefore has been used to treat muscle contractions and spasms, chronic migraines, eye twitching, excessive sweating and much more.
After discussing with your doctor, consider feeling better with Botox

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