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Ezine 240 February 2023

Skin Care Tip

Do you understand ingredient labels?

Skin care should not be complex. Unfortunately, many skin care labels are purposely deceptive. The FDA has regulations on sizing, what information should be present etc. Most skin care companies take advantage of the rules sometimes or meeting things most patients really want to know about.

Education is very important, even understanding simple basics such as the ingredient present first usually has the most volume is a key thing to look for. Companies that emphasize the benefits of some of the different ingredients, but barely put a drop in a huge vat when they manufacture the product can be very misleading to consumers. Sometimes, they just focus on the marketing aspect.

Protect yourself. We offer free aesthetician consultations, 7 days a week where we can go over your skin care routine, and even recommend physician strength products. Whatever combination you prefer, get some professional help, for free. 

Anti-Aging Tip

February is the perfect time to go on vacation

We often work and work and work. This is especially true in today's busy workforce where people take their work home with them, are constantly on their phones, and basically are always keeping in touch with the office, even when they're out of town on vacation.

In Chicago, by the end of February, most of us are tired of the cold. This makes this a perfect time to go on vacation - even for a few days to recharge. And remember if you go on vacation, try to limit your devices and you'll probably end up feeling like a whole new person. We all love Netflix, but sometimes our minds need some quality time with only ourselves or our families.

Plastic Surgery Tip

How long have your eyelids bothered you?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is usually the first thing that bothers people. The upper eyelids can grow heavy with aging and most people get an upper blepharoplasty as the first cosmetic surgery they ever get.

We're proud to welcome Dr. Husain, an Oculoplastic Surgeon that is now working at our office. She offers a wealth of alternatives and has free consultations on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

To see before and after patient pictures, please click here.

Verify: Of the 24 recognized boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the only one that can certify a doctor in plastic surgery. Call 1-888-475-2784 or go to to verify if a doctor is a legitimate plastic surgeon. Next, verify membership in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).  Call (1-888-272-7711) or go to ( to verify ASAPS membership.

Get a Private Consultation.  Dr. Speron will listen to your personal cosmetic goals.  Next, he will discuss surgical and nonsurgical options, potential complications, healing time, and what benefits you can realistically expect.  

Click here to read the 7 Critical Questions to ask before agreeing to any surgical procedure.

Our office looks forward to seeing you.  You will definitely enjoy your time here.

Sam Speron, MD, FACS

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon



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