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Ezine 48 November 2006

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Skin Care Tip:

Phytochemicals and Aging Skin

Phytochemicals are natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables we consume daily. Phytochemicals work by helping plants to survive in hostile environments. Phytochemicals also help plants to survive against bacteria, fungi, viruses and cellular damage. Phytochemicals, when consumed, help your body fight against free radicals (which cause cellular damage) as well as ultraviolet light. Phytochemicals have been shown to kill surface bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin.

Aging is thought to be caused in part by free radical damage from overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are two ways by which free radicals cause skin reactions in the body to age the skin:

  • A) Free radicals attack the skin’s fibroblasts, which secrete protein fibers for collagen and elastin to provide skin with its suppleness, strength and elasticity.
  • B) Free radicals attack connective tissue fibers, which include collagen and elastin. Cells also become strangled constricting the capillaries and tightening the blood flow, which carries oxygen, moisture and nourishment to the tissues to retain a youthful appearance.

Phytochemicals work like Antioxidants to fight free radicals and help to reduce the damage that has already been done. This will help you retain you youthful appearances longer than normal and keep your skin healthy and in good condition. Vitamins C and E are well-known and prevent a multitude of skin care products.

The best physician-strength lines are neaclear and Obagia,.. These seem to be the most popular, best tolerated and most effective. neaclear was started by a plastic surgeon and Obagi by a dermatologist. These physicians are skin specialists and know more about your skin.

Anti-Aging Tip:

Healthy Grocery Lists and High Fructose Corn Syrup

As the country’s waist lines continue to expand, we have come out of the high Carb fad and are back to whole-grains and more wholesome grains and breads. American’s are watching our weight more and more and even exercising at a higher rate than the past five years. We are still gaining weight. Why? The answer lies in a secret hidden ingredient in almost all the food and beverage we consume daily – High Fructose Corn Syrup.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a newer and sweeter form of corn syrup which is made from corn starch by using enzymes. This is a cheaper alternative to using Cane Sugar, because corn is cheaper and two times as sweet as can sugar. Through the production process, the fructose content can be increased to 55% which makes it sweeter than Sucrose (table sugar). Because it is so high in sugar content, some researches believe that this is the reason why so many Americans suffer from Obesity and Diabetes. High Fructose Corn Syrup can affect appetite by triggering overeating. When consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup, it does not send chemical messengers to the brain to signal that you are full. These people tend to overeat. Energy bars and “healthy” beverages have the most amount of High Fructose Corn Syrup. People consume large amounts of these “healthy” foods which is causing more harm to their bodies than they realize

Read labels and avoid any products that have sugar as one of the first ingredients on the Food Label. Some labels even state that they have High Fructose Corn Syrup, but most just list this as sugar. When shopping, avoid the center aisles and shop only the perimeter, which is where you find foods in their natural state. By eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, eggs, protein, beans, nuts, whole grain cereals and breads, you will be avoiding some of the most dangerous ingredients lurking in your pantry

Plastic Surgery Tip:

Breast Reduction

Some women suffer from very large breasts that cause medical problems, such as back and neck pain, breathing, and indentations in the shoulders due to bra straps digging in the skin. This can cause most women with large breasts to become self-conscious. Breast Reduction surgery, also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, removes fat, glandular tissue, and extra skin from the breasts to make them smaller, lighter and firmer. Some women also suffer from enlarged areolas, which breast reduction surgery can also correct.

Breast Reduction surgery is mostly performed to aid in the relief from stiffness and pain rather than for Cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately, every surgery results in scarring which in this case, can be hidden by a bathing suit or bra. This surgery is not recommended for women who plan to become pregnant or nurse, because the ability to breast feed cannot be guaranteed.

After the surgery, most people experience swelling and bruising and may ache for a week or so. One of the first changes you will notice is the pain and soreness in the back and shoulders will dissipate almost immediately. You will be rid of large breasts, your body will be more proportioned and your clothes will fit better.

Hopefully this information will be helpful in your quest to getting the best procedure with the best results you can achieve.

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During your consult with Dr. Speron, the patient will discuss their desired goals on an individual level. Then they will further discuss the course of treatment and potential complications at the appointment time. Please check out the wealth of information on our site by clicking here.

Make sure you chose a board certified plastic surgeon. A call to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS at 1-888-4-PLASTIC (ie. 1-888-475-2784) can tell you which doctors are legitimate plastic surgeons with outstanding qualifications. You can also visit the ASPS web site at The ASPS is the only one of the 24 boards approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties that certifies physicians in plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body.

To help you in making your decision, please click here to check out the 7 critical questions to ask any plastic surgeon before letting them touch you!

By far, the most important factor in the success of your procedure is the surgeon you choose. So please choose wisely...

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