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Ezine 5 January 2003

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the 5th issue of my ezine. It is amazing how many more people keep signing up. Keep telling all your friends and neighbors! It’s free and a fun way to learn about plastic surgery. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the tremendous number of questions I keep receiving. Again, I will pick out a few that I think are interesting and let you see how I answered them. I again thank everyone for their interest and ideas. Keep emailing your questions…
Our first question is from MM:
Email Question - I am using scarguard for a scar that has too much scar tissue and is inflamed. Will it heal faster if I use it several times a day instead of just 2?
Thank you for your advice

Email Answer - You can use it 1-4 times per day. Make sure you massage the scar at least 10 minutes three times a day. When you’re watching TV is a good time. You’re not doing anything except just sitting there anyway, right? The massage is probably the most important thing you can do for your scar, though. Scar Guard is a great way to help your scar mature quicker, but is not a substitute for basic wound care and wound closure principles. It is very convenient because it has silicone, Vitamin E and cortisone in it and is easy to apply – like nail polish. Scars come in all shapes and sized as well as etiologies (surgery, trauma, burns, keloids, hypertrophic scars etc.). For a better understanding of scar guard as well as some pictures, check out our web site at Obviously, your surgeon needs to determine what’s best for you.
Our next question is from AY:

Email Question – Hi, I am interested in getting a tummy tuck, but first I need to know if it is possible to do so and have a future pregnancy in mind. I am planning on getting pregnant in 2 years. I already have 3 children, and I think due to the pregnancies I have had loose abdominal skin. Plus I need to loose a few pounds, and I am planning on doing so. Should I wait till I am done with having children and lose the excess weight, before going through with the procedure? Plus, what kind of results are possible with this procedure. I want to have the stomach I had before having any of the children, a flatboard stomach! Is that possible? Thank you so much for answering all my questions and concerns waiting to hear from you soon. Thank you. Your site is great. It’s simple to browse and easy to understand.
Email Answer - You can have a tummy tuck and a future pregnancy but you need to know that the tummy tuck might need to be redone. There are plenty of patients who do go on to get pregnant and are still very happy with their results. There was actually just recently (within the last 6 months) a great paper in our journal about women getting pregnant after a tummy tuck and still maintaining a very good result. In my opinion, though, you need to understand that it might need to be redone!! By the way, a flat stomach is always possible. Feel free to check out the tummy tuck pictures on my web site at Obviously, and as always, I would need to give you an examination to be more realistic with your particular case. Also remember, the more weight you can lose before surgery, the better result you will have.
Remember, no other plastic surgeon I know has ever had an ezine. They don't know how to tell others about what they do, what they should ask other surgeons etc. Some have a boring stuffy newsletter that is preprinted and they just add their name or something. This is not like that! You will not find useless stuff intended to get you to come in and see me and spend money in my office. Just help. Information. Remember, knowledge is power.
By the way, Happy New Year. I hope this year will bring you all much health and happiness…
Email me – ask whatever you want. You are the ones that will help make this ezine fun and exciting. What do you want to know?? Ask anything! Ask away…

Best regards,
Dr. Sam Speron
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
P.S. I want everyone to remember I’m doing this for you. I want everyone to become a well-informed consumer. But, I also want it to be easy and fun to read. I want you to look forward to getting it. Email me. What’s boring? What’s exciting to you? Let me know. You are the heart and soul of this newsletter. Are we still having fun??