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Ezine 74 January 2009

Skin Care Tip:

Purify Your Skin With Mineral Makeup

Do you, or someone you know, suffer with sensitive skin? Have you experienced visible skin irritation or breakouts on your face? Does adult acne dampen your self-esteem? Many who suffer from these symptoms relinquish their hopes of finding makeup that does not make their skin look worse. Thankfully mineral makeup can help your sensitive skin look healthy while not irritating it. If you have fine lines or crows feet, traditional make-up can cake in those places, often creating an illusion of deeper lines. Mineral makeup does not enhance wrinkles like traditional powders.

Mineral make-up creates a real healthy glow-like complexion, since it also contains essential vitamins, antioxidants and ingredients that actually hydrate the skin. There is really no comparison between traditional make-up and mineral make-up. Mineral makeup can help protect your skin from the sun and can be used after chemical peels or laser treatments. You can also sleep in it.


Anti-Aging Tip:

Exercise Is Still Good For You!

Exercise can help you lose weight, keep weight off, and look great. Exercise also plays a role in slowing down the aging process. In order to reap the anti-aging benefits of exercise, one does not have to be a fanatic or exhaust oneself. Exercise can not only slow down the aging process, it can also help relieve some of the problems that are commonly associated with getting older including:

  • -Relieving Insomnia
  • -Relieving back and joint pain
  • -Relieving stress and tension
  • -Increasing flexibility

Exercise does not have to be scary or painful - it can be fun. Exercise can provide many benefits beyond physical health – it can help you age gracefully...

Plastic Surgery Tip:

Mid-Face Lifting Is A Must If You Want To Look Natural!

The mid-face lift by definition is the elevation and tightening of the soft tissues of the cheek. During this less invasive lift, the cheeks are “softly” pulled back to restore a more youthful look. This lift may also be accompanied by a Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). The Mid-Face Lift is meant to reposition the cheek fat pad, correcting the nasolabial folds and improving the nasojugal groove. It results in a much more harmonious lower eyelid appearance.

This specialized type of face lift is not performed in every surgeon’s office and requires extensive experience and training. This procedure makes the face look “less pulled” than a traditional facelift. There are many different variations of this procedure and this technique is still evolving within our society.

To see before and after patient pictures, please click here.

During your consult with Dr. Speron, the patient will discuss their desired goals on an individual level. Then they will further discuss the course of treatment and potential complications at the appointment time. Please check out the wealth of information on our site by clicking here.

Make sure you chose a board certified plastic surgeon. A call to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS at 1-888-4-PLASTIC (ie. 1-888-475-2784) can tell you which doctors are legitimate plastic surgeons with outstanding qualifications. You can also visit the ASPS web site at . The ASPS is the only one of the 24 boards approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties that certifies physicians in plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body. When considering a cosmetic surgeon, you should also make sure your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). A call to ASAPS (1-888-272-7711) or visiting the ASAPS website ( ) can help you verify your plastic surgeons membership.

To help you in making your decision, please click here to check out the 7 critical questions to ask any plastic surgeon before letting them touch you!

By far, the most important factor in the success of your procedure is the surgeon you choose. So please choose wisely...

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