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Ezine 80 July 2009

Skin Care Tip:

Sexy Skin Care For Hot Summer Days!

Summer is officially here, which means it is time to show off some skin and dare to be bare. While you prepare to trade in your snuggly sweaters for sleeveless shirts, do not overlook preparing your skin for summer, especially the delicate areas. Skin behaves differently from season to season, and as a result, skin care routines should adjust with the weather. Skin tends to become oilier in the summer and in most climates, humidity climbs during the hot season. As humidity rises, so does moisture content in the skin. As a result, skin becomes less dry and requires lighter moisturizers. This can make even dry skin types shine, and will often cause an excess of oil to be produced. Use a good cleanser to make your skin feel cleaner, but remember that this excess oil production is the body's way of protecting the skin, so never use anything that strips the skin. If a greasy feeling persists, then switch to oil-free or mineral make up products. Many oil-free products leave the skin slightly matte and help to minimize shine. Consider using a light dusting of translucent setting powder after foundation but do not use too much make-up, as skin will start to feel thickly coated and uncomfortable. Try a lighter moisturizer.

Thick creams which protect the skin from the wind and cold become too heavy for summer wear. Oily skin types can look for hydrating oil - free moisturizer while normal to dry skin types will feel comfortable with a slightly lighter textured cream than in winter. Thirsty or dehydrated skin can stay smooth and supple by using hydrating waters and gel serums under a lighter moisturizer rather than going for anything heavy. Try using oil, serum or gel overnight rather than a cream - this lets skin breathe. Drinking plenty of water is a well known way to keep skin clear and fresh but this is even more important in hot weather. Eating fruits and vegetables will help as will getting the right oils and proteins from a healthy diet. An SPF is a must for everyone! There are many lightweight and non chemical formulas now on the market to use, like the all-natural Neaclear Plus line. In order to maintain an all-over summer glow, incorporate natural vitamins into your daily diet. Fruit like oranges, watermelon, and peaches contain vitamins A and C, which help keep skin supple through the production of collagen. Fatty acids are also essential to help lubricate skin from the inside out - try eating almonds or avocado for an added boost.

Enjoy your summer!

Anti-Aging Tip:

Time For Siesta!

It always feels good to come home after a hard day’s work, lay back on the recliner and take a nice hearty nap. Not only do naps feel good, it is great for your brain’s memory. If you want better memory, take a snooze during the day! If you are grouchy and you know it, take a nap! Kids and grandparents are not the only ones who need to nap. Taking a nap is like pressing the reset button on your computer. You black out momentarily and make a refreshing comeback. It can help anyone, even with just a 20-minute catnap. So what is the connection with being grouchy? I am certain you have had those mid - afternoon moments when you just wanted to snap at someone or get easily frustrated with work. Perhaps you are getting a little drowsy without realizing it. How about taking a nap? It is a quick way to revitalize your self from being on “low battery” or even turning into a monster.

20 minutes of shut - eye is all it takes. More than half an hour and you might affect your normal bedtime routine. If you are worried about nap overtime, set an alarm. Do not underestimate the power of a good nap! Not only does it help refresh you, it puts you in a better mood and makes you more productive. So take a well deserved siesta today!

Plastic Surgery Tip:

Chicago Body Contouring Surgery

After dramatic weight loss, whether achieved by proper nutrition, exercise, as a result of bariatric surgery, or from other forms of medical treatments, body contouring has many benefits. However, once you reach your weight loss goals, you may find that you still do not have the fit and healthy body image you desire. Skin may be loose, sagging and in many cases, your body contours may appear irregular and disharmonious

In general, body contouring following major weight loss reduces excess fat and skin that has developed in multiple areas of the body. The result of surgery is a smoother, more attractive body contour. Body contouring after major weight loss is an important and rewarding phase of your challenge to have a healthier and more proportionate body. Body contouring can help you further enhance your body image and self-confidence.

To see before and after patient pictures, please click here.

During your consult with Dr. Speron, the patient will discuss their desired goals on an individual level. Then they will further discuss the course of treatment and potential complications at the appointment time. Please check out the wealth of information on our site by clickinghere.

Make sure you chose a board certified plastic surgeon. A call to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS at 1-888-4-PLASTIC (ie. 1-888-475-2784) can tell you which doctors are legitimate plastic surgeons with outstanding qualifications. You can also visit the ASPS web site at The ASPS is the only one of the 24 boards approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties that certifies physicians in plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body. When considering a cosmetic surgeon, you should also make sure your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). A call to ASAPS (1-888-272-7711) or visiting the ASAPS website ( can help you verify your plastic surgeons membership.

To help you in making your decision, please click here to check out the 7 critical questions to ask any plastic surgeon before letting them touch you!

By far, the most important factor in the success of your procedure is the surgeon you choose. So please choose wisely...

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