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At your first visit, you will start by meeting with the Dr. for a complete medical history, full physical examination, neurological and osteopathic exam, and comprehensive diagnostic testing. From there you will move on to meet with our dietitian for a nutrition and fitness evaluation, body composition analysis and strength and endurance testing. Next, our esthetician will do a full skin analysis, image consulting and answer any questions regarding laser treatments. Once we have evaluated your health status, it will be your decision whether or not to meet with Dr. Speron for a complete cosmetic face and body consultation. If also desired, you will be scheduled for a cosmetic dental appointment with Dr. Korovilas. At the end of your first visit you will receive a therapeutic massage to start you on your road to relaxation. An appointment will be given for follow up one week later. At this follow up visit, all of your tests will be reviewed and a customized wellness plan will be presented to you. Depending on your selection of services offered, you will be given appropriate follow up visits.



When I first published The 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Letting Any Surgeon Touch You, I had no idea that it would be so popularly received. Since its publication, this brief guide has helped thousands like you to more safely navigate the world of cosmetic surgery. The 7 Questions have been updated and a bonus section, Applying the 7 Questions, has just been added. Be my guest to read, learn and share.