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Chicago Skin Cancer Centre believes in preventing the skin from getting cancer by performing thorough skin examinations and checking the skin. Based on the Skin Condition the specialists will monitor the skin and provide the solution to identify the cancer as early as possible.

Biopsy Test:

On monitoring your skin conditions, if the skin specialist feels biopsy methods like shave biopsies, punch biopsies and excisional biopsies are needed it will be performed to diagnose the nature of the lesion. The small piece of tissue is taken for sample and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. If the test results show the presence of cancer cells, then immediate treatment is required. With help of the biopsy methods listed above, even the Moles which are suspicious lesions are removed.

Cryosurgery (Cryotherapy)

Cryosurgery is done in pre-cancerous conditions of the skin. For this treatment the therapist uses liquid nitrogen to make the cells freeze and to kill them. This will be repeated for the couple of times so that the tissue becomes crusty and scabbed and falls off automatically.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is effective in preventing and reducing your skin cancer risk drastically. We will counsel the patients to use the safety samples during the each visit to the centre.

Plastic Surgery Safety


When I first published The 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Letting Any Surgeon Touch You, I had no idea that it would be so popularly received. Since its publication, this brief guide has helped thousands like you to more safely navigate the world of cosmetic surgery. The 7 Questions have been updated and a bonus section, Applying the 7 Questions, has just been added. Be my guest to read, learn and share.