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Yes! To bring the point home, please look closely at the below pictures from an ASPS study on identical twins with different sun exposure histories. Notice the remarkable difference in skin quality and aging. Excessive sun exposure is simply bad for your skin and makes you age faster.

Is your skin important

Of course! Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and maintaining its health is just as important as taking care of the rest of yourself. Skin works hard to protect you from the sun, heat and cold. Over time, the environment's harmful effects will begin to show on the outer layer of skin the world sees

And let's not forget...being healthy! Drugs, alcohol, smoking, sugar, coffee, food preservatives, and a poor diet all can affect the 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, and more than 1,000 nerve endings per square inch that serve your skin. These factors can also upset the balance of the 20 million bacteria known to live on your skin's surface.

Eat right, exercise often, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol too much, and don't get stressed out - and you will look younger than you should...

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When I first published The 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Letting Any Surgeon Touch You, I had no idea that it would be so popularly received. Since its publication, this brief guide has helped thousands like you to more safely navigate the world of cosmetic surgery. The 7 Questions have been updated and a bonus section, Applying the 7 Questions, has just been added. Be my guest to read, learn and share.