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I. Definition:

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the US affecting 17 million people, and not all of them teens. From infants to the elderly, 80 % of the population experiences acne at one time or another.
When skin cells block our pores, acne results. Closed pores result in whiteheads, open pores in blackheads. Red inflamed areas occur when acne bacteria break through the blackhead or whitehead. Most people with acne experience a combination of these three.
Acne is the term for pimples and complexion problems which occur in young people and some adults. Pimples usually occur on the face, but may involve the neck, chest, back and upper arms. Acne is only a skin problem and does not affect your general health.
Blackheads can form in almost any skin type. Accumulation of oil, debris and dead skin lead to less than perfect skin. Our acne wash with salicylic acid penetrates deep into clogged pores to help eliminate most acne blemishes and keep pores clog-free. It quickly and efficiently removes trouble-causing dirt and oil. salicylic acid has been clinically proven to treat blackheads at the source: inside the pores! this cleanser is multi-faceted. It PREVENTS future blemishes from forming and TREATS current blackheads by loosening the "glue" that holds them together. Excess humidity and hot weather along with increased oil production are well known culprits. One way to lessen the accumulation of blackheads is to treat your skin with a salicylic acid cleanser twice daily, then apply a leave on product and, of course, an oil-free sun block.

18 year old before and 1 month after using an acne wash from Dr. Speron. Patient had seen 4 dermatologists and was very frustrated by her uncontrollable acne even with multiple trials of oral and topical antibiotics as well as multiple skin care lines including Proactiv. She has not yet undergone any other treatments.

18 year old before and 1 month after using an acne wash formulated by Dr. Speron. Notice the quick clearing with minimal side effects