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Burnout is running rampant in medicine!

Burnout can leave you feeling like someone you're not. You're exhausted and feel like your best is no longer good enough. Most physicians have been there at one point in their careers. I know I have.

Burnout can persist for years and can lead to depression and anxiety.

Most doctors attribute their burnout to unnecessary paperwork, although a third claim their co-workers disrespect them. Of course, doctors suffering from burnout can negatively affect their workplaces, colleagues and patients.

Experts who have studied burnout and depression say the conditions are vastly different — burnout is an occupational syndrome whereas depression is a medical condition. However, if burnout is left untreated, it does contribute to depression. 66% of doctors say job burnout was the top reason for their depression, followed by world events (43%), and then being a doctor (30%).

You know what makes matters worse? Only 14% of doctors said they would openly talk about their problems to others but half said they would confide in close friends or family. Why? Because most doctors are afraid others will think less of their professional abilities and they're petrified that their medical board or employer will find out. That's kind of understandable I guess but so sad isn't it?

All of us doctors are trained early on to sacrifice our own health and emotional needs in order to care for patients. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Please seek help if you're feeling burned out and don't be embarrassed about it! Whatever your profession is!

Burnout is running rampant in medicine!



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