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Do you have to Change Your Skin-Care Routine After Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery and good skin care complement each other. Most surgeons swear that a solid skin-care routine can improve your surgical results as well as help maintain them ...Read More

15 Common Mistakes Massage Therapists Make

Making a mistake is disheartening but it is critical to not make it a pattern. Here is a brief list of the blunders that massage therapists often make... Read More

The Top 5 Nutrients for Brain Health & Longevity

Did you know that brain health is one of the best predictors of lifespan? Of all the variables influencing your brain, diet has an even more significant influence than the rest!... Read More

How Your Gut Health Affects Your Skin

Experts explain how gut health and skin health are related and what you can do to optimize your gut flora for better, healthier skin... Read More

Plastic Surgery Safety

It's critical to recognize that getting plastic surgery might be risky if you fall into the wrong hands or aren't physically or emotionally ready for it... Read More

How Lack of Sleep Affects Our Skin according to the Experts

Sleep deprivation causes cortisol levels to rise, which may aggravate inflammatory conditions and result in poor collagen deposition ... Read More

What are skin tags?

A skin tag is a little, floppy patch of skin that hangs from the skin and may have a stalk. They can appear anywhere on the body but are more common in ... Read More

7 Common Myths About Sweat

sweating is extremely common and normal in most circumstances. Do you know why we sweat? Sweating is a necessary function of the human body ... Read More

What is Jello Skin & How Can You Get a Jello Skin?

Jello skin is the desirable condition of your skin after using skin care treatments. "Jello skin is essentially your skin at its healthiest — you want nice elastic... Read More

Online Skin-Care Prescriptions - Are They Safe? Worth It?

While experts believe that seeing your physician in person is the best option (and we agree!), the millions of individuals who have found success with these services are worth highlighting... Read More

What You Do After Your Facelift Surgery Will Affect Your Results For Years To Come

A facelift may help you look many years younger but did you know that how you care for your skin after your facelift surgery will have a big impact on how long you'll be able to keep those stunning results? ... Read More

From Day 1 - 30, This Is Your Facelift Recovery Explained

If you're thinking about getting a facelift, it's crucial to understand not just the surgical technique but also the recovery process. Although the final effects of a facelift may take a few months to appear, the recovery period is substantially shorter... Read More

23 Things To Do While Recovering From Your Surgery (Amusing)

1. Pick a foreign accent and talk in it all day. 2. Answer an ad on how to make BIG money at home. 3. Make a Halloween costume out of your bedsheets... Read More



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