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Can I get Breast Augmentation without scars on my breasts?

Can I get Breast Augmentation without scars on my breasts?

Yes. It is possible.

Most Breast Augmentation surgery is done through one of three different types of incisions, depending on how droopy your breasts are, and if you need a lift at the same time.  

Some patients are unwilling to accept these small, barely perceptible scars on the breast area. There are two alternative techniques for scarless breast augmentation.

First is a trans-axillary endoscopic approach. With this surgery, a small incision is made in the hair-bearing area of the armpit. It heals well but you technically have a scar, it's just not on your breast. Saline and silicone implants can be placed or even exchanged through this approach. Lifting is not able to be done through this approach and needs scars on the breast.

The second scarless breast augmentation technique is autologous fat transfer or grafting. Here, fat is harvested from a different area of the body. The harvested fat is processed, purified, and micro-injected throughout the breasts to achieve a natural augmentation with a patient’s own tissues. The fat typically is injected with small cannulas through a few stab incisions distributed around the periphery of the breast. The resulting scars at these sites are only a few millimeters in size and tend to heal with nearly imperceptible marks. Technically, though this, too is a scar.

Plastic surgeons usually always try to make the smallest possible incisions, positioning them where they are the least visible, using the latest techniques to promote ideal healing, and giving patients specific instructions for the postoperative scar care. No plastic surgeon will truly ever promise or guarantee no scar, even when there is no cut made. Injections, nonsurgical procedures, laser, peels, everything has a risk to get a scar unfortunately.

Dr. Sam Speron

Can I get Breast Augmentation without scars on my breasts?



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