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Did You Know That Smaller Breasts Are Big Again?

One of the hottest aesthetic trends in 2023 is preferred breast implant sizes are shrinking. Why? Well there’s a few reasons.

Maybe She’s Born With It

Most patients have typically requested a natural look over the course of my practice. Common sense will tell you the more normal or proportional your breasts are to your body, the more natural you will look. A lot of people have cotton tired of that “pornorrific" look at the beach as well as on screen. This way you leave people guessing, maybe they're not fake? Maybe they're real? It's easier for people to think your breasts are natural and not augmented with implants when the size fits your body. This is also another reason for the uptick in breast reductions.

Rich People

People that live in the upper tax brackets are usually historically conservative with their aesthetic preferences. On average, east coast implant choices are a size smaller than on the west coast but overall rich people tend to prefer smaller implants and fly more under the radar.

Changing With Age

We do still see younger patients who might opt for a larger size but then as they become middle-aged and older, they usually desire a switch to smaller implants. After having kids and as they grow older, most people just prefer to better fit into their bodies.

Celebrities and social media

This one seems kind of obvious and intuitive. Yes there's a lot of pressure the world places on people, none bigger than what they see trending every day.

What Does Your Doctor Say?

Most surgeons are changing their opinions and are also preferring more natural looking breast implants on their patients. Of course, there are some surgeons that still prefer doing larger breast implants out there so please make sure you don't let your surgeon talk you into something you don't want. You should have an honest conversation during your consultation and always choose what you're looking for not the other way around. Don't let your surgeon bully you or talk you into something drastically different than what you're looking for.

Small Breasts Are Big Again?



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