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Drinking From a Plastic Bottle Might Be Killing You After All!

As if you needed another reason to cut down on your use of plastic, here you go - it may be killing you after all.

Most experts unanimously agree that microplastics are damaging to your health. But when it's summer and you're hot, what do we all do? We know drinking water is good for us so we reach for that water bottle. Is that wrong? It seems like common sense doesn't it?

Newer studies show though the type of container you choose to drink water from is actually super important. I converted a few years ago to drinking out of glass or hydraflask at the office or gym. But sometimes, yeah it's tough to avoid a plastic water bottle especially when you're at an outdoor party or picnic when it's more convenient to grab one out of the cooler.

We all know the long-term effects of that single plastic container once it lands in the trash. That same plastic may also be doing more extensive damage to our bodies than we originally thought.

A human consumes 44 pounds of plastic throughout their lifetime. But wait a minute, no rational person actually eats plastic right? That's what you would think. Except, we are!

Don't forget, plastic does not break down in a natural way like glass or paper. Microplastics are the tiny microparticles plastic products break down into.

Plastic water bottles, in particular, may be the worst offenders out of all the different drinks available on the market today. Business Insider states that a bottled water drinker consumes an average of 10.4 plastic particles within every bottle. Wait what?? That’s insane.

Studies have already reported that certain chemicals found in plastic, such as phthalates and bisphenol A (aka "BPA"), can act as toxins within your body that are associated with certain cancers.

Research ventures on but every time I reach for a water bottle nowadays, I think twice. What do you think? Is it worth the risk?

Drinking From a Plastic Bottle Might Be Killing You After All!



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