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Honey May Improve your Heart Health

Honey honey, you are my...

According to recent research, honey may improve your heart health. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels can benefit the most from raw honey. If its it’s from a single source, this is even better and will provide the most health benefits.

Does this surprise you because honey is about 80% sugar?

Science and nutrition experts have long yelled at us that a sugar is a sugar. Yeah maybe it is sugar, but it's also a complex mixture of common and rare sugars, proteins, organic acids and other bioactive compounds. Each one of these or maybe the combination are now proving to have a lot of health benefits. You've seen bee videos right? You know how hard a swarm of bees work their little butts off to make a tiny amount of honey. I always feel bad we’re taking it from them. So let’s appreciate all their hard work.

So please remember these newer studies revealed that honey helps to lower fasting blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and markers of fatty liver while increasing HDL cholesterol. 

No one is saying you should start consuming honey nonstop but the takeaway is if you’re using table sugar, a sweetener, or syrup, why not try switching those for honey. Your heart might prefer it.

Honey May Improve your Heart Health



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