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Is there a Difference Between a Male and Female Facelift?

Why yes there is a difference! Men overall from our society’s data account for about 15% of facelift patients. Did you know there’s been a 30% jump in male plastic surgery since 2000.
When considering a facelift, you have to talk your surgeon about what you’re looking for, to make sure your expectations are healthy. 

So let’s talk about some of the differences. Probably the biggest differences is men have facial hair and their skin and muscle thickness as well as bone density is different. The 1st means men are usually at higher risk of a hematoma because of their beard hair and you also have to also be sensitive to balding men with regards to scar placement. The 2nd means they have different anatomical flap considerations.  

I think everyone would agree most men look a tad different than most women. Overall, the female face tends to be thinner. Men also tend to have more fibrous fat, thicker skin, and denser bone structure.

A lot of the current facelift techniques are designed to feminize the face. Creating too round or too full of a cheek can feminize the face. So be careful. Everyone’s goals are different and some people want to feminize or masculinize their faces. Talk to your surgeon to make sure you are clear with your expectations.

Women generally tend to want to restore a softer, oval shape and they often focus on elevating their midface or cheeks and brows to highlight their eyes. Men are most focused on removing jowls to create a stronger and more chiseled jawline. When tightening a man’s neck, surgeons can usually take out more fat because they don’t have to worry about emphasizing their Adam’s apple, which most women don’t prefer.

Another final important point - in male facelifts, surgery can shift their beard growth closer to the ear. Most men have a non hair-bearing area in front of the ear which gets lost with a facelift. So they will end up shaving closer, or they can have laser hair removal to try and recreate this.

To summarize, please talk to your plastic surgeon to tell them exactly what you are looking for. We can change almost any feature as long as patients are realistic and good candidates and their expectations are reasonable. And remember, earlier intervention turns back the clock sooner and that’s always a good thing.


Is there a Difference Between a Male and Female Facelift?



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