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Do you need a Forehead lift or an Upper Blepharoplasty?

Do you need a Forehead lift or an Upper Blepharoplasty? 

One of the most common questions I get is help me, my eyes are droopy and I can't tell if I need a forehead lift or an upper blepharoplasty. Patients can be even more confused, because if they see several different types of doctors, like a Plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, or an eye doctor, they might get completely different answers.

Your upper eyelid sagging can be caused by several factors. Your forehead might be sagging, so yes your lids appear droopy because of this. This can be addressed by four different types of forehead lifts that I do in my practice. However, your eyelids might also be droopy from aging while your eyebrows are not too far down yet. The truth is everything ages as we get older. it typically, there can be a combination of aging of the forehead and the upper eyelids. What you need is your surgeon to go over both of these, and explained to you what benefit each of the different procedures can get. Additionally, some patients have ptosis, where the upper eyelid is droopy because of a weakness in the muscle that leaves your skin hanging still lower, even covering some of your iris or the colored part of your eye.

Ultimately the best way to figure this out is a private consultation. You can talk about your concerns and your surgeon can examine you. Bringing old pictures of yourself might help your surgeon decide not just what's happened to your eyelid as you've aged but also give them an idea of what your expectations are for eyelid rejuvenation. sometimes there's a lot of competition between the different medical specialties for eyelid surgery but the truth is usually we work together with our colleagues. There's usually a mutually shared level of respect as we each have our own specialties.

If you find a surgeon badmouthing other specialties, honestly, I would think twice about having them do any kind of surgery on you. Surgeons need to check their ego at the door and realize that every single day you should always be trying to learn how to serve your in the best way possible and continue to improve results for all of your surgeries. At least that's what the doctors that truly care about their patients are always trying to do.

Dr. Sam Speron

Do you need a Forehead lift or an Upper Blepharoplasty?



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